The Year of Magical Dreaming

Your Resolution Won’t Work Unless You Do This!

kat hurley, dreambomb, 2016, resolution

We’re mostly all talk, right? Little on the (consistent) action side. Me included.

Some of us have gotten to the point where we don’t even say it out loud: our goals, our hopes, our resolutions. Save the embarrassment. I’ve been there.

Most of us can will ourselves through January, but February becomes a whole new challenge because willpower is a muscle that like all others can fatigue/snap at any moment.

So what’s the hack?

It’s easy.

Become someone else.

Hold on! I know what you’re thinking. That’s not a hack! That’s impossible!

Actually, it’s easier than you think.

But let’s start first with what I mean by become someone else.

First, our belief systems are attached to our personality. Our personality affects how we feel. How we feel affects how we act. And how we act is what’s gotten us into this situation to begin with!

Don’t worry. I’m not suggesting we totally transform overnight. Nor am I suggesting we need a total transformation.

It’s just those stubborn tweaks, perhaps the things that have been on our resolution list for years. Why. Aren’t. They. Resolved?

Because, unbeknownst to YOU, ME, US, WE’re getting in our own way!

So …


… we steal like an artist;)

Who has what you want?


A strong fit body? A promising passionate career? A model-worthy relationship?

What are they doing to maintain that?

For instance: let’s say my resolution is to wake up early and workout everyday.

If I don’t have a plan as to how that is going to happen, 99.9% of studies suggest I will fail hard and fail early.

Who do I know/can think up that wakes up early and works out? We can create an avatar if we have to. What do I imagine their practices are?

  1. They probably go to bed at a reasonable hour, for starters.
  2. I see them laying out their gym clothes at night.
  3. I also see them setting their alarm and keeping it far away from the bed, so snooze isn’t as easy to roll over and smack 10 times till we’re late for work.
  4. I see them as someone lining up a light breakfast the night before and getting their water bottle ready.
  5. They probably leave healthy snacks in their gym bag for quick protein after their workout.
  6. They might be the kind of person to drink smoothies. Do I know how to properly make a smoothie?
  7. They also don’t have 100 excuses as to why they can’t go to the gym: raining, cold, not feeling well. I bet it’s a non-negotiable.
  8. They also feel good having done it, and we might too if we stuck around long enough to make it a commitment.

I think you get the point.

It’s not just an action shift, it’s a mindset shift. And it takes far more than motivation, because like Zig Ziglar says: Motivation is fleeting. It’s like cleanliness and that’s why we shower everyday.

That’s why mantras are great, or affirmations. We have to remind ourselves of our WHY constantly. Bathe in it if we have to.

Write it down and make it be the first thing you see every morning: I AM A FUCKING ROCKSTAR & GOSH DARNIT PEOPLE LIKE ME!

… or something like that;)

So rather than arbitrarily making a resolution this year, think about who you must become in order to accomplish your desires. What stories you could stand to lose from your tattered belief system. What habits you could stand to nurture.

I’m looking forward to your 2016 successes, you fucking rockstar YOU!

First step: Be bold enough to make the claim!

I leave you with this: Who is it that you’ll become in the new year? I’ll go first: a bombass podcaster;)


Much Love,