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Just last month I wrote about Why Less is Adding Up to Be Awesome, my new only moderately intense workout plan that I’ve been looking forward to sharing more with you.

For years I’ve been pounding away with bootcamp classes, endurance training, heavy lifting and plyos upon plyos with no real end in sight. I’d always joke, “I work out to eat!” Or, “I gotta earn my gf beer somehow.” But truthfully, I’ve been questioning my intention behind all this high intensity training for some time now.

As a life-long athlete and trainer, it’s ingrained in me: “No pain, no gain.” I literally beat people up for a living. Under the caveat, of course, muscles need to tear to grow!

The cries of soreness from my clients and classes have been, what I’ve joked for years, “music to my ears.”

And yet, after suffering from small, but slightly nagging injuries for the past couple years, I decided to make my fitness goal for the year flexibility–it’s sorta working. Quite the opposite of Elisa’s whose goal is to run a sub 6 min. mile.

I think intuition has been telling me for some time to slow this ship down, which was only recently confirmed when I read Mark Sisson’s latest book Primal Endurance.

I have no problem with badass workout goals. I think what we’re finding the human body to be capable of in this day and age is astonishing.

Ultra marathons, X-Games, Cirque Du Soleil, etc

I just want to be smarter about how we get there, AND use all this budding technology to help guide the way.

I recently downloaded HRV4Training on my iphone, a new technology to measure Heart Rate Variability. I’ll let you check out their quick start guide to better explain the science, and I’ll just stick to the layman’s terms (the little I know as I’m just getting started myself).

The app basically clues me in on what’s going on inside the machine. If I didn’t sleep well, I’m stressed, or if my body is overly fatigued from training, after just 4 days of readings, the app will be able to better guide me based upon a daily score of how I should proceed in my workout.

Whereas before I’d ignore fatigue, muscle soreness, slight sickness and even injury all in the name of “get’er done!” Now, with the help of the app, I’m tuning in and actually listening.

This morning I woke up, took my HRV reading, only to find out that it was a bit high and today should be a rest and recovery day.


Permission to slow down?

This may sound crazy to you if you’re not an endurance athlete, but if you’re anything like me … you’ll appreciate the licence to chill.

I went for a walk today around the park. A walk!

I’ve been living near Prospect Park for four years now and have always been jealous of people walking as I pound the pavement for yet another obligatory run.

I have to admit, I felt weird at first. What do I do with my hands? Do I swing my arms like that lady? I mean this isn’t a stroll, it’s a workout. Right? Clearly, I’m still working it out in my head.

I walked nearly 4 miles, enjoyed two podcasts, and the park, and didn’t even have to battle back the question: Was that a real workout? Because I had permission! Say what?

I’m still very young in this technology and learning as I go. I’ve just been so excited to share it with you as I’ve already begun to see results that have proven to be positive, and I will share more as time goes on.

The best of those results thus far, a dear friend and class attendee pointed out: “I noticed when you slow down, Kat, some of the other women do to. It’s as if you give them permission to take it easy as well, something they would have never done when the whole class was moving at one speed.”

As I mentioned in my previous post on the topic, we beat ourselves up enough, for nearly everything–especially women. Let’s not let working out be yet another thing we have to prove our worth by giving more than we got.

Not only is it counter-productive on our bodies, it’s zapping our energy … the same stores we need to keep filled to constantly nurture all those around us.

I will keep you posted on my progress, in the meantime … I think I’m going to take up Prancercise;)

I leave you with this: How could you benefit from an app that clues you in on your stress, sleep, fatigue? What do you need permission to slow down on?


Much Love,