The Year of Magical Dreaming

Worst Case Scenario

It cracks me up that my mind’s default, even after all this ever loving mindfulness work, is still, often, worst case scenario.

It’s as if jumping to the worst possible doom will somehow pad the wound a bit, just in case.

This morning I received an email that if you caught the honeymoon piece back in October you might find amusing.

A mega-quick summery: we rented a car in Croatia. It just so happened to be a brand new BMW 3 Series. It went really fast. We got really lost. So, clearly it went even faster. Upon returning the vehicle, after getting it towed out of a scary muddy mess (long story), we find out that the Croatian highway where I’d opened up that beautiful black BMW is full of speed cameras. Oh, and Croatia takes their speeding very seriously. Apparently infractions are based on income % and one wealthy dude was once served a $150,000 speeding ticket.

Upon hearing this, obviously I was grateful I’m not raking it in.

However, even a few $100 tickets didn’t seem like a fun way to end a honeymoon.

Which brings me back to my email this morning …

From: Enterprise Rental Cars

Subject: POZDRAV !

I didn’t even want to open it.

Not exactly the way I’d like to start my day, I thought.

I took a deep breath and clicked the link.

Poštovane suradnice i suradnici,

ovim putem želim obznaniti kako sam, nakon određenog vremena prebiranja ZA-PROTIV, ipak odlučio raskinuti radni odnos u tvrtci Auto Benussi d.o.o.

Naime, početkom godine mi je ponuđen posao kojim mi je ponuđeno ono nešto više i ja sam ga, prije nekoliko dana odlučio i prihvatiti.
Stoga sa 01/05/2016 započinjem s radom u GRAWE Hrvatska d.d.

Nadam se da mi nećete ništa zamjeriti no, i radi toga, koristim ovu prigodu da se ispričam te izvinem za sve ono što sam loše napravio, rekao ili propustio u našoj suradnji.

Zahvaljujem Vam na predivnoj suradnji te Vam želim obilje blagoslova i uspjeha u narednom poslovanju, a i u obiteljskom životu.

P.S. U međuvremenu ću, a makar na godišnjem odmoru sve do kraja mjeseca, biti na raspolaganju na ovom broju za sve informacije i upite vezane za normalno odvijanje posla.
Kada konačno prekinem s korištenjem ovog broja i mobitela bit ćete obaviješteni i o mojim novim kontaktima.

Još jednom zahvaljujem te želim ugodan ostatak dana i rada,


Say what?

I didn’t see a translator option on my phone. I closed it and forgot about it.

After training a client this morning, I checked my email again and saw the dreaded email. The pit in my stomach returned … they found me!

Throughout the text I kept scrolling for $$. How much??

I opened my computer and found the translator.

Dear colleagues and associates,

I hereby want to make known that I, after a certain time of screening for against, decided to terminate the employment with the company Auto Benussi doo

At the beginning of the year I was offered a job that I was offered it a little more and I have a few days ago and decided to accept.
Therefore, the 05/01/2016 begin operations in GRAWE Croatia dd

I hope you do not mind anything but, and, therefore, take this opportunity to apologize and apologize for everything I’ve done, it said, or failed in our cooperation.

Thank you for your wonderful cooperation and I wish you an abundance of blessings and success in future operations, as well as in family life.

PS In the meantime, I will, and even on vacation until the end of the month, will be available on this number for all information and questions related to the normal flow of work.
When you finally stop the use of the cell phone number and you will be informed about my new contacts.

Once again thank you and I want a nice rest of the day and work,



Why am I getting this?


Who cares!

It’s not a string of tickets, a ridiculous amount of dollar signs, a notice I’m no longer permitted into the country.

Sorry to hear about homeboys departure from Enterprise, but I’m all good on this for now.


And here my mind was all ready to turn myself in. What’s that about?

Normally, when I catch myself heading straight for worst case scenario I’m able to laugh at myself, seeing the desire to hunker down and prepare.

Which reminds me of one of my fave quotes: “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” -mark twain

We are the only species who can bring about stress simply by thought alone, and many of us walk around as tightly wound stress balls of our own making.

Hopefully this silly email can be yet another example to loosen the grip, in my life and in yours.

Here’s to enjoying all the moments while I’m still at large;)

I leave you with this: Have you ever done something and then stressed over every moment until you got caught? What’s your story!?

PS … above pic is that beautiful black BMW that I didn’t take the extra insurance out on being towed out of a ditch in the rain.


Much Love,