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I never thought I would seek the guidance of a life-coach, in fact – I despised the idea. But I knew I needed a guide who understood the way to empowerment, tough enough to call me out on my stubborn systems of denial. I am deeply grateful for Kat’s gift and service to her clients and her ability to guide and ignite an aligned empowerment that has set me on a journey I am confident will last several lifetimes! – C, 2014

My goal is to help you discover what’s missing in your life in order for you to reach your highest potential, live your dream, and share your unique gifts with the world.

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Portland, 2014

My blend of spiritual gangster, BS detector coaching and genuine enthusiasm for teaching is right for you only if you’re open, willing, and ready to rock.

My clients have:

  • gained freedom after divorce
  • found passion and discovered purpose
  • left dead-end jobs or dead-end relationships, all while rocking it!
  • reunited with family and healed past haunts
  • found forgiveness both inside and out
  • discovered true love, first and foremost within
  • lost weight and gained better health and vitality
  • strengthened intuition and honed creative talents
  • awakened a zest for life and increased overall happiness
  • cleared the path to live their dream!

My roots:

  • began coaching/teaching at 14 (ice hockey ages 3-9)
  • taught high school and coached lacrosse for 7 years (2001 – 2007)
  • became group fitness instructor in 2003 and personal trainer in 2008
  • 2011 I discovered life coaching and realized (right on!) this is what I’ve been working towards all along
  • my real roots — I’m no stranger to death, divorce, drinking, drugs, depression, sexual identity, suicide, creative struggles, financial struggles, family struggles. I know victim mentality like the back of my hand. I’ve overcome serious doubt and fear on following my passion and finding purpose. I know shame; I know guilt; I know blame. But I also know forgiveness, and gratitude, and self-love and worth I never thought possible.

And now I have … an impact-driven practice based out of Brooklyn, NY, where I work with clients (virtually) all over the world, thrilled to be living my passion and proud as heck to serve.

Portland, 2014

We start here –> Power Session: This is an eye-opening and kick-ass 90 min. session where we will identify specific areas (limited beliefs, underlying fears, etc.) in your life that are holding you back from leading an authentic, vibrant, purpose-driven life. Together, we will clarify your biggest priorities, hash out potential roadblocks and discuss how one-on-one accountability can empower you to reach your real rock star potential.

Includes: Session notes, guidance and resources. $150 (Click here to begin.)

“Last night I had my first coaching call with Kat. So I got off the call with her feeling grounded but buzzing. We had blown so much right out the window. None of my self-limiting beliefs had any hope of surviving, and I had a few! I came away with a great sense of clarity around so many of the things that had been holding me back and the realization that they had no grounds to do so.” – Fe, 2013

Coaching Program: We’ll dive into a three-month program that offers weekly, 45 min. strategy sessions where we delve into several aspects of your life that are acting as triggers keeping you from living in accordance with your highest self.

Includes: A custom fit game plan designed to address each of your goals. Meditation instruction. Session notes, guidance and further resources following each call. Unlimited email support throughout the program for any questions/concerns AND to offer accountability for accelerated success. $1,550 (Click here to begin.)

Bonus: Autographed copy of I Think I’ll Make It by your outlandishly awesome coach 😉 AND more.

You will walk away with the tools to:

  • SET and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • RECOGNIZE and untangle old and damaging habits
  • INCREASE your energy levels
  • IMPROVE your personal relationships
  • DISCOVER the confidence to create the life you want
  • LEARN how limiting beliefs are holding you back from abundance and happiness
  • GAIN the discipline and awareness needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle long after the program ends
  • LIVE a life of purpose and create opportunities to ultimately LIVE YOUR DREAM!

Working with Kat has changed my life. She had guided and given me the tools to grow beyond what conventional therapy ever could. As a mom of three small children the added benefit of phone sessions makes it possible to fit my busy schedule ! She is my personal trainer for my mind, my spiritual gangsta and someone I now consider my soul sister. – Jamie, 2014

Be sure to check out what other clients (past/current) had/have to say.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love and live what I can give.

I look forward to working with you.

Oh, and one more thing. If this program doesn’t seem right for you, but you know someone who would benefit from learning more, please share the good word. That is, after all, how the world goes ’round;)

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Bali, 2011