The Year of Magical Dreaming

Winks From the Universe Around the World

kat hurley, wife, elisa haggarty, minion, flight, companion

I’m always looking for the signs.

Recently I was approached for an upcoming project, which I’m dying to share!, and it solidified three things for me instantly: right place, right time, right people.

After the wedding, I was feeling a little homesick and daydreaming about living closer to my family. I’m constantly coming back to the question: Is NYC right for us?

Elisa and I continually respond the same: Perhaps not forever, but for now–yes.

A meeting last week sealed it for me. Thank you, New York! 

And then there’s this trip, we hadn’t thought it would work out after the wedding and with all our recent travel. Yet, both Elisa and I kept seeing clues planted everywhere.

The United flight ads on our way to Europe featured Guatemala, the cover of the inflight magazine as well. Then after we booked our flights, a gentleman standing in front of me at a coffee shop in Brooklyn was wearing a “Feed Guatemala” bag, and Elisa saw something else that had us both in agreement: Yes, Guatemala.

Yesterday, on the flight, I began Susan Piver’s 2004 book, The Hard Questions for an Authentic Life, and the introduction was all about her daily check-ins: “Am I in the right place? Am I making the best of my opportunities? Am I feeling fulfilled in my work/life?”

Rather than having these giant goals and this awesome game plan, which I read about all the time in personal development, Susan took a more present minded approach, tuning in frequently to the signs.

I think we need these winks from the universe every once in a while to let us know we’re on the right path. They have been a big game changer for me in the last decade, when I finally began tuning in.

Little things happen constantly, where I found myself saying: “Of course it would.”

When the flight attendant buckled the minion in next to me after a huge guy with little awareness of personal space decided to change his seat, we thought, “Yep, that’s about right.”

A big wink, in the form of a giant pillow, for the gal who pulled an all nighter to get there;)

I leave you with this: When was the last time you checked in with the signs? What did you discover?


Much Love,