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What’s with Beyonce’s Breath?

I saved this Huffpo article back in December, not only because it was funny, but I found it intriguing.

It had never occurred to me how much of Beyonce’s breath I’m breathing. Who’da thunk?

But it did remind me of a very profound moment I had in Hawaii, circa 2008. I was laying back on my motorcycle parked at the beach under a blanket of endless stars. I was pondering something I’d heard from Wayne Dyer earlier that day.

He had talked about this concept that energy never dies. Of all the greats: Rumi, Keats, Thoreau–or pick your own hero, he said, their energy has never left. They breathed the same air and basked under the same sun. Their blood and sweat has fertilized the ground we stand on. And that energy is ours to tap into at any moment.

Staring up at the stars that night, I was grateful to all of those greats because what I needed most was some confidence, some courage, some conviction. And if they had any of that laying around, I’d be honored to borrow some.*

If only I had known I was breathing Beyonce’s breath then;)

I leave you with this: Stand on the shoulders of giants. That’s what they’re there for.

*from the highly acclaimed, I Think I’ll Make It 😉


Much Love,


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