The Year of Magical Dreaming

Tough it Out Like a Toddler

In improv class, my instructor, Jen, is constantly reminding us to “want it like a toddler.”

Toddlers, by nature, don’t give up.

First they whine, then they cry, then they kick and scream, some even do as they damn please regardless of “NO.”

Relentless, right?

As we grow up though, we lose that persistence, especially in our craft.

We get “no” or criticism or run up against a road block and we just curl up in a ball and retreat. That easy.

What the hell happened?

Seriously, how bad do we want it?

I used to cry thinking about my purpose and how badly I wanted to use my creativity to serve others, but the momentum ended there.

It’s too hard. I don’t know how. There’s so much at risk.

Hmmm … LAME.

When we’re three we just want what we want and we want it now, dammit!!

No fear. No worry of consequences. No giving up!

Sure, my wants have graduated from ice cream, dolls and cartoons, but the desire is the same. When something doesn’t work, just like Jen says time and again, we need to switch gears, new route, change gameplan, BUT MAKE IT KNOWN WHAT YOU WANT.

We need NOT be afraid to kick and scream, proverbially speaking of course, until we get it.

Our craft is worth it. We are worth it. And the world needs the thing only we can give.

I leave you with this: Where in your life can you do more kicking and screaming?


Much Love,