The Year of Magical Dreaming

The World Wants YOU

I listened to not one, but two amazing interviews today on leveraging your differences. One was a Hayhouse World Summit interview with Janey Lee Grace and the other was a School of Greatness podcast with Sally Hogshead.

While Janey Lee Grace wants us to use our unique experiences in our branding to set us apart, Sally Hogshead has a tool (assessment code: schoolofgreatness) to project how others see us, and how embracing our competitive advantage can transform emotional engagement and increase profitability.

Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, there’s incredible value in getting acquainted with and excited about what sets you apart.

I know when I was a teacher, or even before in corporate advertising, I’d unsuccessfully try to squeeze myself into a box of who or what I thought I should be. All the while, I questioned every dumb rule, huffed and puffed during senseless meetings, and was ultimately bored to tears by the administrative mundane.

I was chomping at the bit to be more me, but I didn’t know how to express myself within the confines of my role.

I cracked up at my results today (pictured above) from Sally Hogshead’s Archetype Assessment. It’s no wonder I prefer entrepreneurial work;)

The irony is … for years and years, all through high school and college, when someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d give the same response: Rockstar.

For someone who spent many years trying to mimic what was cool, sexy, clever, smart, and so on, I’m thrilled to be comfy and cozy in my skin. This new-found comfort essentially evolved from trying less and less and quite simply being more me.

Authenticity has been the biggest gift of my thirties. Elisa always says, I get better with age;)

If you haven’t tried the practice where you ask your friends/coworkers to identify your strengths, that’s an eye opener. Or you can try out the Archetype Assessment (Elisa’s was spot on too!), just make sure you use the promo code: schoolofgreatness. You can also tune into Janey Lee Grace. She offers a great visualization at the end of the interview for us to really own our differences.

The world wants you, not a washed up version of somebody else.

What makes you shine?

Go ‘head. Sizzle, baby!

I leave you with this: If your best friend had to introduce you at a dinner party, what 3 adjectives might he/she use to describe you, OR what’s one good story he/she might tell? If you decide to take the Archetype Assessment, share your results. It’s pretty revealing!


Much Love,