The Year of Magical Dreaming

The power of intentions

pam grout *(credits)

“Today I pray for _________” is an amazing tattoo to fill in each day with a permanent marker. I wish I had thought of that one first. Unfortunately I’m not that clever, but one can always hope.

I recently gave a five plus one, gratitude/intentions assignment to my group coaching clients. They were asked each eve to write down the five things they were most grateful for AND one solid intention to carry through to the next day. Intention meaning: frame of mind, attitude, goals, etc.

Most of them had little difficulty with the gratitude portion, but really struggled with the plus one, intentions, piece. I am finding more and more that we all have a really difficult time asking for what we want.

I always suggest that we set our intentions in the evening because we have a whole day’s worth of experience to decide what our next move is, whether that be physical, mental or emotional. Not to mention, our subconscious time spent in restful hours to soak it all up.

If instead, we were to wake up and try to set our intentions in the morning … they would fall victim to many more factors and perhaps get trumped by the onslaught of surprises that a new morning often brings.

Each of us takes approximately 23, 040 breaths a day. I heard an analogy recently that equated time to $$. If you woke up with 23,040$$ to spend at your will, no savings account, no carry-over, with the assurance that unless something goes terribly wrong you will be just as blessed tomorrow, or every frickin day, what would you do differently?

What would that awareness look like, feel like, taste like, smell like?

In sobering news, all of us have just about 23,040 opportunities to set, or reset, our intentions with each breath everyday. And yet many of us ignore this incredible gift and the potential impact it could have on our lives.

We unknowingly spend, spend, spend, misinterpreting the value of what we’ve been given. Taking for granted our own natural connection to source, our internal reboot.

A single breath is enough to alter mood, lower stress, redirect negative emotions, gain perspective. It is also grounding and cleansing.

If it can do all those things on its own, and more, imagine what it could accomplish with some genuine intentions behind–get this–not all, just a few of them.

And each breath is an opportunity for a fresh start. If keeping your temper was your morning intention, for instance, and you blew up at your son because he’s 24, but he acts like he’s 14, then just start again.

As with most things, it’s all about the repetition. Believe me, if breath wasn’t meant to be tapped into in this way, we would only breathe once or twice a day. As the ultimate creator totally planned it, she knew we’d need a whole lot of chances to get back to the moment, back to the intention, back to the breath.

When breath is short or God forbid lost, we get it; we want it, we need it more than anything. When it comes naturally, in rhythm, we somehow allow its weight in gold to crack and crumble.

Writing down our intentions each evening, whether that be in your journal or on your arm if you have to is a great start to spending your 23k$ allowance in such a way that would make your mama proud.

We are all wealthy. We are rich beyond our wildest imagination. That is if we only see the abundance in our intentions, the true potential in our every breath.

I leave you with this: Breathe. Intend. Breathe some more.


Much Love,