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The Obstacle is the Way

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I read The Obstacle is the Way: The timeless art of turning trials into triumphs by Ryan Holiday early last year. I have since heard it quoted one-billion-zillion times, now deemed a cult classic by those who know and love it.

Of course this is no new idea, as Holiday describes (in above vid) extracting these concepts from ancient Stoicism.

Buddhism often talks about greeting the obstacles along the path as well. Here is Jack Kornfield on the very subject with an excerpt from his book: Seeking the Heart of Wisdom

Ever since beginning my podcast Mighty Failure, just like nearly anything else I’ve ever done, I’ve encountered mega obstacles right out of the gate.

We’ve had nothing but sound and technical issues. I had to get a new computer to power the thing. I’ve recorded and lost nearly as much as I’ve saved. And I waited longer than estimated for iTunes approval.

It’s been a bit of a nightmare, which is ironic only in that I thought I’d done all that I could in order to prepare for fewer, if any, obstacles.

I took not one, but three Creativelive courses on podcasting, and spent months researching tools that ultimately weren’t that remarkable.

I dragged my feet for good reason; I wasn’t ready. But as I’ve learned for the umpteenth time in my life, you’re never ready.

Experience IS the teacher.

Did I once even go back to look at those Creativelive notes I took in some journal somewhere? Nope.

And nearly every how-to podcast course, including the ones I took, say the same thing: “Just start.”

All that “research” (aka procrastinating) couldn’t save me from the inevitable.

Thankfully, I am well-versed in the obstacles department. And even more appropriate, my podcast just so happens to be about failure;) Convenient, right?

The moral of the story, quit “researching.”

Quit taking courses that ultimately lead you all the way around the mulberry bush.

Dive in. There is no better learning. Expect the obstacles. Greet them. You have, in fact, been waiting;)

I leave you with this: Besides parenting, lol, what is your best trial by error experience?


Much Love,