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Progress: Ain’t always pretty

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I often hear, “I’m not flexible.” Or, “my body doesn’t do yoga.” Elisa always says, “It’s boring!” I’ll be honest, it was an acquired taste for me too. It’s like the first time I drank vodka and spit it out. It wasn’t until I learned the amazing things it could do for me that I found a way to get... Read More

How I Beat Brain Fog & Other Scary Diagnoses

It was 2010, Elisa was over seas teaching in Hong Kong and I was living somewhat of the bachelor life (minus the sleeping around part) in my tiny little studio in Mount Vernon, Baltimore. I was bartending at the Metropolitan and teaching early morning classes at Fed Hill Fit, which was a conflict of schedule, no doubt. Alone in my... Read More

Dialing Back the Diehard

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Many people still think of me as a hardcore athlete, which I’m quite grateful I still pass as one, but the truth is I’ve been dialing back the diehard for a few years now. Initially for health reasons in 2013, I took some time off–all I could manage was yoga. In the last year plus, I’ve had a knee injury,... Read More

Choose the Thing You’ve Been Missing

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Each week since I began my 2016 yoga goal of flexibility, I’ve written in my Five Minute Journal that I wish I was doing more of it. The daily question: How could today have been better? more often than not is answered with, “yoga.” Now that I’m doing it at home with Do Yoga With, I have much more... Read More

20-16 Fitness Goal Just Hit Me!

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Elisa asked me last week what my fitness goal was for 20-16. I had nothin. Last year her goal was pull-ups; she started with one and now she can do six or seven. I can’t remember her new goal. I forgot to listen after she reminded me how awesome her pull-ups are now;) I jogged my mind: 2014 I ran... Read More

Over & Out: Ninja Camp Guatemala

It really is amazing how one week can change you. Somehow I just know the relationships we built with this impressive group of successful go-getters and dreamers will continue to blossom in the years to come. You simply cannot express vulnerabilities necessary to push the envelope at Ninja without creating lasting connections. Not to mention the vulnerabilities required to play... Read More

Get the F@$& Outta Here

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I was talking to a friend last night and I was trying to describe the intimacy of my morning pages practice. “Do you know how it feels to wake up from a vivid dream that felt so completely and utterly real that you can’t help but wake up and want to talk about it?” Then you try … And it... Read More