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Start With What You Have

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Today I was excited to see a Toastmasters’ mentee kill her 7th speech with the club. I can’t believe how far she has come in just a few short months. She said that it had helped her to know her strengths (I’d given her the Enneagram test to take, which I’ve written about here) and now she is no longer... Read More

The Adventure that Keeps On Giving: Honeymoon fail @ Toastmasters

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Right before my name was called, I felt all those crazy jitters come up in my body. I stepped into the back room to do my Amy Cuddy power pose and shake out my arms and legs of the nervous energy. It brought me back to the cliff’s edge in Guatemala last week and I thought, “This is nothing.” Besides, I... Read More

How to Conquer Fear of Public Speaking

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*This was actually a #dancedare (that poor boy/man), but not unlike how I prepare for my speeches now;) For someone who always raised her hand in class and was even the nerdy one who consistently offered to read aloud, I was surprised how different the stage felt when people began paying me to talk. Suddenly I judged my words before... Read More

The Mistake in Manifesting

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*I forgot to make space for the vid, so–as to not leave you hangin’–I added my final practice run-through from earlier in the evening (in my bedroom;) We have a right only to our labor, not to the fruits of our labor. -Bhagavad Gita Elisa made me a certificate after my last win, I tucked into my planner. I ripped... Read More

To Fear or Not to Fear

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Action quiets fear every damn day, no matter how small a feat. Baby steps. That’s where I began. Baby steps. I leave you with this: What have you gained from “failure”? How did it change you? #Onward Much love,

Big Speech Today!

Tonight I am competing in the second round of the Toastmaster’s International competition. I am mostly excited, and only a little nervous–for now at least. My goal is to drop into that divine place of flow and let the message pour through me. No worry or fear about the outcome. The irony: My speech chronicles the events of the day... Read More

Fallen Soldier: Let go of your personal history

I’m working on this piece for The Moth’s main stage. It was kinda awkward at Toastmasters because I was working on my CC8 which is the visual aid speech; I stretched it;) Anybody need a tarot deck I bought for a prop? đŸ˜‰ This is actually an excerpt from my book I Think I’ll Make It. One of the many... Read More