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How I Beat Brain Fog & Other Scary Diagnoses

It was 2010, Elisa was over seas teaching in Hong Kong and I was living somewhat of the bachelor life (minus the sleeping around part) in my tiny little studio in Mount Vernon, Baltimore. I was bartending at the Metropolitan and teaching early morning classes at Fed Hill Fit, which was a conflict of schedule, no doubt. Alone in my... Read More

Worst Case Scenario

It cracks me up that my mind’s default, even after all this ever loving mindfulness work, is still, often, worst case scenario. It’s as if jumping to the worst possible doom will somehow pad the wound a bit, just in case. This morning I received an email that if you caught the honeymoon piece back in October you might find... Read More

Everything Will Be OK …

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(Play vid HERE.) Everything will be OK … As soon as we’re OK with everything. I love this quote from Untethered Soul, a book I’ve read twice and am itching to read again. I cannot tell you how often I discuss resistance in my work with clients. Resistance to body. Resistance to job. Resistance to family/upbringing. … diagnosis. … divorce.... Read More

Intro Meditation: Start or restart here

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I often hear: “I can’t do it.” “I don’t know where to start.” “Nothing ever happens.” “I get bored.” “My mind just doesn’t work that way.” “I don’t have time.” “I’m not religious.” And on. And on. Similar to exercise, I’ve heard it all. Which is why I love to make the analogy, NO ONE goes to the gym for... Read More

When a Mindfulness Expert Has a Meltdown

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Have you ever seen Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight TED? In it she describes the fascinating and terrifying circumstances of what it’s like to have a stroke from a brain scientist’s perspective. Having studied the brain extensively in her work, the moments she was in and out of awareness, Bolte Taylor was able to piece together her diagnosis and... Read More

How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology

I am fla-oored by Donna Jackson Nakazawa’s new book Childhood Disrupted. I still have 3 hours and 42 minutes remaining in the audio book, but I couldn’t wait to write about it. Holy moly! How it all makes sense. Here’s the blurb: A groundbreaking book showing the link between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and adult illnesses such as heart disease,... Read More