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The Obstacle is the Way

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I read The Obstacle is the Way: The timeless art of turning trials into triumphs by Ryan Holiday early last year. I have since heard it quoted one-billion-zillion times, now deemed a cult classic by those who know and love it. Of course this is no new idea, as Holiday describes (in above vid) extracting these concepts from ancient Stoicism. Buddhism... Read More

It’s Official! Mighty Failure: iTunes approved

Now you can download the brand new Mighty Failure podcast direct to your iPhone through iTunes! Just click the link, then subscribe, and you’ll be all set to receive each episode right in your podcast app on your phone. Listen during your commute, while you’re doing dishes, or even at the gym. Sidenote: You can even speed up the content. Listen... Read More

Coming Soon … Mighty Failure Podcast!

I am so excited to reveal the podcast album art that my dear friend, Rafael Esquer, and his talented team at Alfafa Studios has been working on for the past few weeks. I have been busy behind the scenes completing two podcast courses with CreativeLive, and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be without simply diving in. In the next... Read More

3 Min. Marinade: Forecast, Purple Rain

I don’t know what’s more upsetting, learning that Prince died, or finding out–a day late, and several tipped 40’s short–that we were just minutes away Thurs night from Spike Lee’s Brooklyn block party celebrating the life of the man, formerly and most recently, known as fabulous, aka, Prince. In other less disappointing news, are you a blamer? I love this... Read More

The Mighty Failure Podcast

I’ve been struggling with this podcast title decision for the past couple weeks. So many of you made such good cases for each side: Mighty Failure vs Dedication LAB. I even went off the grid and started back at square one: the thesaurus … playing around with words like Radical and Remarkable that were speaking to me as well. But... Read More

Need Your Vote, Please: Podcast name (down to 2!)

1. Mighty Failure: A podcast that celebrates failure as our mightiest gift Purpose: Redefine failure as feedback and encourage listeners to stretch their boundaries relentlessly through their willingness to fail (mind, body, spirit). Inspiration: Pema Chodron’s latest book, Fail Better AND the [above] Theodore Roosevelt quote Vision: Logo would be a cartoon graphic, female superhero, short spiky hair;) chest emblem... Read More