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The Mount Everest of Human Emotions: Acceptance

I fell in love with Kelly Corrigan years ago with her book, The Middle Place.¬†She speaks a lot in her books and her talks about what she calls “the Mount Everest of human emotions: acceptance.” She posted this video on her FB page last week and I copied it right away to share with you. I talk endlessly here on... Read More

The Suckiness of Self Sabotage

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A little late-night rant;) (Watch here if player doesn’t load.) Fellow I mentioned: Shawn Achor. #fave I leave you with this: How do you combat your inner bully? #Onward Much Love,

You Can Heal Your Life, Especially in Bali

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The most popular book in the Ninja Camp library has been Louise Hay’s old classic: You Can Heal Your Life. Although there is nothing super woo-woo about Ninja Camp, we’ve all been holding body parts and saying mantras, half jokingly all week. Today I met with a mind-body integration therapist, Jim, a Ninja approved Aussie, who’s been doing body work... Read More

Recieving: Not from where we are now, but from where we are heading

I forgot to tell you this cute story from last week’s personal development extravaganza–HolisticMBA–weekend;) I had aksed a question on the mic, as you do at these kind of conferences. I explained that I was an author, speaker, and had been developing my coaching practice for the last three years. Other than that, I don’t recall what I said, so... Read More

Why Improv is the New Personal/Biz Development

I just finished my 4th round of improv classes last night. That’s 12 sweaty nights that I’ve survived and walked out a better human. I got into improv because two of my coaching clients were both at Upright Citizens Brigade¬†or UCB, a big-time improv theater with impressive alumni: Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Nick Kroll and more. Here I am coaching... Read More