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You Can Have It All …

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You can have it all. Just not all at once. -Oprah As much as I’ve been loving this quote lately, it continues to be a hard lesson. Especially when it appears Oprah has it all at once! The comparison game … a dirty trap! I think those rolling hills I describe in the vlog (above) are built on boundaries and... Read More

Feeling “Meh,” and What to Do With It

At first Elisa and I thought it was summer brain, then it was the heat, and then it was the heaviness of the current state of country/world. Motivation has been low here in our Brooklyn apartment, to say the least. Passion is sputtering along with our attention turned in so many different directions: refugees, suicide bombers, Orlando, #blacklivesmatter. Our energy... Read More

Why I’m In Love With the World, Regardless

I saved this post title months ago, having been inspired by the thought, but never had the time to flesh it out. For some reason, in the midst of this swampiness of cynicism, in the wake of recent tragedies, I feel called to revisit the idea. This agitated US campaign climate has us all feeling edgy, to say the least.... Read More

Turn Up the Gratitude, Baby!

I love this man. He’s got a great TED, an awesome book I’ve written about here, and now this fabulous Super Soul Session¬†with my girl, Oprah. This definition is great: Happiness–the joy we feel moving towards our potential. Just that lesson in itself is worth the watch. Most of us have happiness attached to an outcome. Achor clarifies that that’s... Read More

The Curiosity Driven Life: Supersoul Sessions

I’m working on a speech for tonight, but I just ran across the first of these Supersoul Sessions with Elizabeth Gilbert and I’m loving it. Liz describes it as a spiritual TED, which of course got my attention. I’ve only listened to one, but I imagine they’re all fabulous. I’ll likely be highlighting more here on the blog. Liz Gilbert... Read More

Honeymoon YOLO!

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The hour and a half propeller plane ride with screaming German children didn’t allow for much rest, so I believe in total we were going on about two hours of sleep when we arrived in Croatia at noon. Thankfully our hotel has a little beach, and this time of year slim crowds, so we had plenty of chaise lounges to... Read More

Game On!

I’ve been on such a huge podcast kick lately. I have School of Greatness, Tim Ferriss, James Altucher, The Unmistakable Creative, and more, all on rotation. As opposed to audiobooks, I get so much out of 45 min I can often skip the 8-hour book. Although I have been collecting a mega list of must reads after repeatedly hearing questions... Read More