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The Crowded Stinky Subway Paradox

Despite the smell of urine that blankets the humid tunnels, the extremely close encounters with questionable hygiene, and the constant anxiety of “where’s the train?” or “why is it stopping?” or “what if we’re trapped?” I love the subway! I know daily commuters who would scoff at my enthusiasm, but it’s true. I rarely ride where I don’t take in... Read More

NYC Pride: The Gays Paint the Town

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It’s been a couple years since Elisa and I celebrated NYC Pride. I’ve always said, you’ve seen one parade, you’ve seen ’em all. But, as you might imagine, something about this year felt different. With the recent events in Orlando, the ongoing conversations over bathrooms, refusing service to gays, and not to mention the heated upcoming election, this pride seemed... Read More

It’s Not Everyday You Can Be A Rockstar …

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… But on the days you can, I say go for it! Yesterday was such a fabulous day of celebration. A dear friend’s birthday was a wonderful excuse to spa and splurge and wail our way through almost two hours of Korean Karaoke, here in K-Town, NYC. I haven’t laughed that hard since my shrooming days in college. I always... Read More

I’m Feeling Myself

I got so slayed by Beyonce last night. Wow! What a show. Funny, I had gotten into an argument with a gentleman friend earlier yesterday afternoon defending my “bow-down” feelings for The Queen. My argument was in the form of women’s empowerment and redefining body image, which he wasn’t willing to consider. “She’s just another sell out,” he said, “selling... Read More

Toastmasters: Got my wings!

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A month or so ago, when I spoke at Dwight, and then just a couple weeks later when I spoke at Camp Bravehearts, I was curious that there wasn’t much of a nervous bone in my body. Excited yes, but nervous no. I usually get a pit in my stomach when I think about my speech and how I haven’t... Read More

Spartan: One Rad Race

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We bought these tix to do this race forever ago it seems. It was an effort to get our cousin training, but none of us actually “trained” for the thing, so as time was approaching I think we all had a case of “why are we doing this again?s.” Not only that, this weekend became the weekend where everyone was... Read More

Born For This!

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I attended a Gabby Bernstein¬†event Friday night with Yoga Journal Live after what felt like the longest day ever. I had a 45 min keynote in the morning that I was up at 5:30AM preparing for, and then I had six straight sessions back-to-back of drug and alcohol discussions with high school students at Dwight. Gabby’s theme for the evening... Read More