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What Happened to Orlando? One artist is making sure we don’t forget

It’s not uncommon for us to lose sight of the effects of one tragedy when they quickly get buried by another. Since the Orlando shooting in June we’ve had one media maelstrom after another it seems. I was reminded of my friend, Rafael Esquer, and his team at Alfalfa Studios‘, efforts to keep Orlando in our hearts with this recent... Read More

Glennon Doyle Melton: Mighty truthteller

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I had just been admiring Glennon Doyle Melton, listening to her on the train as Linda Sivertson and Martha Beck of the Beautiful Writers Podcast¬†obsessed over Glennon’s new book: Love Warrior. Loving all things G, as she’s often referred to, I pre ordered the book months ago, excited to read another riveting and raw memoir of hers; this one about... Read More

Best Relationship Advice Ever: Own Your Shiz

I have this one client who studies psychology. So as I boss him around the gym, we jam out on all things personal development and relationships. “At least I own my shit!” is a constant phrase we bounce back and forth. He, like me, takes pride in the fact that he knows when he’s being ridiculous. I often use the... Read More

The Crowded Stinky Subway Paradox

Despite the smell of urine that blankets the humid tunnels, the extremely close encounters with questionable hygiene, and the constant anxiety of “where’s the train?” or “why is it stopping?” or “what if we’re trapped?” I love the subway! I know daily commuters who would scoff at my enthusiasm, but it’s true. I rarely ride where I don’t take in... Read More

Mindfulness Go: Hunting happiness

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Yesterday I drove to our new favorite Brooklyn beach with Elisa and our dear friend, Becky. This song came on just as we crossed the Marine Parkway Bridge, temps fell dramatically nearing the water, and the smell of ocean flooded the car. I sang loudly and danced while driving, wind in my hair, smiling from ear to ear, excited to... Read More

Rethink Your Depression (For open minds only)

What if I told you depression is not a chemical condition, it’s a spiritual one? These sentiments, I’ve felt for some time, were shared by Marianne Williamson in last night’s talk, Tears to Triumph at the Marble Collegiate Church here in NYC. With a whole heck of a lot more street cred, I was thrilled to hear her say many... Read More

This Matters

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I had a thought-provoking conversation with my 84-year-old client, Dorothy, this afternoon. Having been a political activist nearly all her life, I love to get her opinion on current events. Today I asked: “How can we fix what’s going on with these cops shooting innocent people?” Her face went solemn; she shook her head. “I don’t know.” Dorothy’s not on... Read More