The Year of Magical Dreaming

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Mindfulness Go: Hunting happiness

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Yesterday I drove to our new favorite Brooklyn beach with Elisa and our dear friend, Becky. This song came on just as we crossed the Marine Parkway Bridge, temps fell dramatically nearing the water, and the smell of ocean flooded the car. I sang loudly and danced while driving, wind in my hair, smiling from ear to ear, excited to... Read More

Mighty Mouse, Nudity & Life Lessons

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Who needs fiction when this is real life? I worked this story last night at Toastmasters. I’m cooking up to get onto┬áThe Moth main stage┬áby the fall. #latestgoal Needs some work, but always love to share the early progress;) I leave you with this: What do you do that brings both joy to you and to others? How can you... Read More

Let’s Just Kick the Shit Outta Plan B!

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There are so many things right about Sheryl Sandberg’s UC Berkeley Commencement speech. Finding meaning and joy in loss, leaning into the suck, practicing gratitude. I know I’m a few days late on this one, but in case you haven’t seen it … it’s definitely worth the watch. When just a week after her husband’s death, Sheryl was internally kicking... Read More

Make Cool Shit

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I just got off the phone with a client who has been feeling stagnant in her work and wondering if she’s on the right path to passion. She has a job of purpose, and yet feels unfulfilled. When we first began work together a few months ago, she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t happier and more satisfied. After our first... Read More

Joy: All the Rationale We Need

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After creating my 2015 Christmas List and realizing that seriously some of these items had been on my list for years, I got to thinking, “What am I waiting for?” In recent years we have tried, with much success I might add, reducing our intake of stuff. So for all this time the question remained, “Do I really need this?”... Read More

I’ll Have What She’s Having!

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My favorite compliment I often get is that I have great energy. It’s just vague enough that I don’t feel terribly awkward receiving it — thank you! It only dawned on me today though that that energy was not God-given, per se. It was cultivated over time. I love how Brendon Burchard uses the analogy of a power plant, which... Read More

Oh My Word! #2016 #edition

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Last year I was late out of the gate for my 2015 word. It was nearly February before I sorted it. And it worked! 20-15 was all about the prosperity alright. Funny how setting our intention for the year that way is like tuning into the right channel, and BOOM! We’ve got a connection. Although I was not conscious of... Read More