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Mindfulness Go: Hunting happiness

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Yesterday I drove to our new favorite Brooklyn beach with Elisa and our dear friend, Becky. This song came on just as we crossed the Marine Parkway Bridge, temps fell dramatically nearing the water, and the smell of ocean flooded the car. I sang loudly and danced while driving, wind in my hair, smiling from ear to ear, excited to... Read More

Rethink Your Depression (For open minds only)

What if I told you depression is not a chemical condition, it’s a spiritual one? These sentiments, I’ve felt for some time, were shared by Marianne Williamson in last night’s talk, Tears to Triumph at the Marble Collegiate Church here in NYC. With a whole heck of a lot more street cred, I was thrilled to hear her say many... Read More

Freedom to Change Your Mind

I love this short piece from Seth Godin onĀ Consider reconsidering. Is there any other form of freedom that comes at such a low cost? The freedom to change a habit, to change your mind, to change your expectations. It takes guts and humility to change your mind. Fortunately, you have the freedom and the courage to do so. And since... Read More

The Delusion of Disease

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Let me begin this post by saying–shocker–I am not a doctor. That’s why I’ve included this Bulletproof podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, only the Godfather of functional medicine, and author of The Disease Delusion. That said, I am constantly frustrated in conversation with clients/strangers/friends/family who have accepted their diagnosis/diagnoses as gospel. I have anxiety. I’m bipolar. I have a thyroid... Read More

The Mind Game

I know the mind seems more cruel than fun sometimes, but there is a bit of a game going on … one where it may seem like the odds are stacked against you, but not if you know the inside rules and play accordingly. I’ve been studying positive psychology and the mind for nearly a decade and there’s so much... Read More

3 Minute Marinade: Drunk in love

Happy Easter, if Jesus is your jam. For me Easter has never been the same since my Gma passed away, but I do love a good hunt. I’m looking forward to kids with chocolate all over their faces and chaos in Jersey with Elisa’s fam. Two updates: I made it snooze-freeĀ (for the second year in a row) through Lent! It... Read More

How to Stop Outsourcing Our Happiness

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“Happiness and unhappiness are states of mind, and therefore their real causes cannot be found outside the mind.” -Gen Kelsang Nyema I never understood this concept until I experienced it for myself. For years I’d been searching for happiness outside myself: when I’d get the right job, when I’d finally settle in the perfect relationship, when I’d become completely debt-free.... Read More