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The Physiology of Winners and Losers

I love this article on the biology of winning and losing: These Two Hormones Divide Winners from Losers my friends, and upcoming Mighty Failure guests, Camille and Josh, wrote for the Observer. This article arrived in my inbox rather serendipitously given that we’ve been doing a lot of riding the wave of winning and losing in our house this summer. It... Read More

Camp Bravehearts: Gratitude & Generosity

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Positive intentions were the theme of this weekend’s Camp Bravehearts on the majestic, Shelter Island. Gratitude and generosity are at the core of everything this powerful group of women do, from keeping the camp running through grants and fundraisers to creating the bond that is the sisterhood of these brave survivors. With the stunning backdrop of Camp Quinipet, campers hiked... Read More

Let’s Just Kick the Shit Outta Plan B!

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There are so many things right about Sheryl Sandberg’s UC Berkeley Commencement speech. Finding meaning and joy in loss, leaning into the suck, practicing gratitude. I know I’m a few days late on this one, but in case you haven’t seen it … it’s definitely worth the watch. When just a week after her husband’s death, Sheryl was internally kicking... Read More

27 Truths: Living out loud

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This post was inspired by Chelsea at LiveYourLegend, a blog/community I’ve been following for a few years, where with every recent post I’m still shocked by the sudden loss of founder Scott Dinsmore. I often think I’ve told you everything. I’ve written an entire book about my whole sloppy mess, and I continue to rehash it here on the blog.... Read More

When a Mindfulness Expert Has a Meltdown

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Have you ever seen Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight TED? In it she describes the fascinating and terrifying circumstances of what it’s like to have a stroke from a brain scientist’s perspective. Having studied the brain extensively in her work, the moments she was in and out of awareness, Bolte Taylor was able to piece together her diagnosis and... Read More

How to Quiet the Inner Critic

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I just got off the phone with a client who has a mega tough inner critic, like with a bullhorn; many of us do. She’s been taking the beatings and getting her lunch money stolen by the inner bully for years. Only now, after several conversations together, she’s not giving in anymore. I wrote her this note last week: Sure,... Read More

All In, Show Up & Other Mantras for 2016!

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We’ve been talking “our Word” here on the blog and in my classes in–suddenly subzero–Brooklyn this week. As you know, I’m all about the intentions. And having a word for the year, I’ve found, is a great way to let the subconscious steer you in the direction of aligning with your intention. 2014 my word was Joy, and just like... Read More