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How to Stop Outsourcing Our Happiness

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“Happiness and unhappiness are states of mind, and therefore their real causes cannot be found outside the mind.” -Gen Kelsang Nyema I never understood this concept until I experienced it for myself. For years I’d been searching for happiness outside myself: when I’d get the right job, when I’d finally settle in the perfect relationship, when I’d become completely debt-free.... Read More

Monday Meditations: Trust & Faith

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I leave you with this: What is your practice of deepening trust and faith in self and in others? Also, if you’re enjoying these meditations, please share with anyone you think might enjoy them too! Sharing is caring and caring is good karma;) #Onward Much Love,

Let it Change Everything

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Sometimes we write things off as mere coincidence. It’s just easier that way, rather than getting all wrapped up in a philosophical debate with ourselves or others. Our long-standing beliefs of “how the world is” really don’t like to be challenged. And Lord knows we don’t want to disrupt relationships with family or friends who gave us that very perspective... Read More

How to Climb Out of a Spiritual Bankruptcy

I spent the majority of my first thirty years spiritually bankrupt. Even at Catholic school, as a child, I had tons of questions, for which no good answers were offered. I was taught through memorization of tradition rather than experience and community. I wanted so much to believe in something, but a judgemental old white dude with a long beard... Read More

Thy Cupeth Must First Be Full

I saw this a while back and loved what Sister Vanzant was throwing down. I forgot about it until I caught it again on Purpose Fairy this week. Thank you, Luminita! This is hands-down the most consistent topic that comes up in my work with women. It’s kind of convenient to put everybody first, right? Then we don’t have to... Read More

This IS My Fairy Tale

I journal daily. I call them my morning pages, but when–lately–I’m writing in bed past midnight next to a huffing and puffing, Elisa, audibly expressing her frustration, I am sure that’s not what Julia Cameron meant by morning, nor the ideal setting for stream of consciousness anything. In my “afternoon” pages yesterday, I recounted the events of my weekend, still... Read More

Two Sides of Arrogance

Seth Godin posted this the other day: Do you care enough to believe in things that seem unreasonable? Do you believe in… your people, your project, your endeavor┬áso deeply that others find your belief arrogant now and then? If your standard is to never be called arrogant, you’ve probably walked away from your calling. That same day I was reading... Read More