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Think Different: Unlearning negative thought patterns

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We, at Team Transformation Headquarters, as you know, live, eat and breathe health/personal development, and still we catch each other more often than you’d think making self defeating proclamations. I might say, “IF I can do such and such.” And Elisa will correct me, “You mean WHEN you do it.” “Say what you want, not what you don’t want,” she... Read More

What’s the Plan, Stan?

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I’ve never been much of a planner. I was always famous, and still am in some circles, for flying by the seat of my pants. I went through high school that way, then college, and I can’t say that my career … up until recently … was all that well thought out either. I planned longer for my wedding than... Read More

Adulting: The final fronteir

As a creative and entrepreneur, I’m constantly rating my performance on how much I’ve accomplished in the day. “Accomplishments” are regularly under scrutiny given that an empty inbox feels arguably satisfying, yet does nothing for my business and creativity. I’m forever reading pro-tips on productivity, but some days just break all the rules all on their own. I had ambitious... Read More

Big City Dreams Built on Small Town Love

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Elisa and I make a point to visit Lambertville¬†at least twice a year, the small New Jersey river town where we met/fell in love (2009). During the summer we enjoy walking/biking trails, everything in bloom, and even the periodic lazy river tube ride. In the winter, it’s more of a brisk stroll around town, checking out all the new shops,... Read More

Waiting for Perfect

Waiting for perfect is just as silly as waiting for the right time. As every parent will ever tell you: there is no right time–to have babies that is. It’s the same with creative endeavors, passion projects and entrepreneurial ideas. What is that quote? “Go. Set. Ready.” Yesterday I compiled a bunch of clips from Toastmasters (the only speeches I... Read More

Just When You Thought … Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse

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It can’t get any worse than this–I always find myself getting nervous when I have that feeling. “This is a test, this is only a test …”¬†plays in my mind. I’ve come to expect that when I fear things couldn’t get any worse, my definition of “worse” is being challenged, like whoa. I suppose it’s true. My “worst” is still... Read More

What’s Your Flavor Shit Sandwich?

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I’ve almost finished Big Magic. It’s a quick read that drops a lot of knowledge in little bite-sized pieces that are easily digestible and quite filling–delicious too, like a smart healthy cookie. My latest favorite part is all about the shit sandwiches. Not so delicious, but par for any creative course. You don’t just get to leap from bright moment... Read More