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Leap, and the Net Will Appear: A spontaneous interview with Kim The Quitter

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A pleasant surprise of an email prompted this interview with friend and previous client of mine, Kim; I’ll call her, Kim The Quitter. In our time working together, Kim made drastic changes in her life that we discuss here in this episode. We often see quitting as such a shameful action, and yet you can hear in Kim’s voice the... Read More

Orchestrate Your Passion

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I read Steven Kotler’s Rise of Superman a couple years ago now, so this Shot of Awe with Jason Silva dissecting Kotler on passion caught my attention. The discussion on passion has been interesting lately. A couple days ago I posted an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert where she is continually course correcting her language NOT to include this illusive quest... Read More

3 Min Marinade: Travel, family & Orlando

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I’m back on the road. This time, my nephew’s high school graduation brings us to Va Beach. It was a long drive, but the pre- pre- party started upon arrival, 10PM;) I was up with my niece and nephew till way beyond my bedtime talking life, college, and “don’t do what I did!” During the 7-hour drive, I got plenty... Read More

The Passion Police: You have no right to remain bored

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Still one of the most consistent questions I get in my practice is: Can you help me find my passion? “Find my passion” is such a misnomer. We don’t ever find passion as if it were ever lost, instead, we evolve into it. The other misconception is that we’ll finally be motivated once we figure it out. Yet, if we... Read More

We Can Do Hard Things

I’ll admit, I have turned away from images and news stories more than I’ve been willing to witness the refugee crisis in Europe. My aversion is hopelessness and fear and desperate sorrow, which–if I’m really honest with myself–looks much like apathy. But, like many of us, I care. I care a whole hell of a lot, which is mostly why... Read More

3 Minute Marinade: Struggling artist edition

Can never get enough of Reassuring life advice for struggling artists from the creator of Mad Men. Only Pema Chodron can describe laziness as our personal teacher😉 Such sage advice from Kurt V. on creativity. Listen: Changing your habits to become the ideal version of yourself. Tuning In: I was interviewed for the Body School For Women Summit with Christine Young, along with... Read More

3-Minute Marinade: The gospel of doubt

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This is the best TED speaker I’ve seen in a while: Casey Gerald shares with us The Gospel of Doubt. This podcast on Women and Depression: A mind of their own with Kelly Brogan was brilliant. Anyone (men or women) who suffers from anxiety or depression should tune in! Tech and productivity: Here’s 32 of the Best Productivity Tools You’ll... Read More