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Best Relationship Advice Ever: Own Your Shiz

I have this one client who studies psychology. So as I boss him around the gym, we jam out on all things personal development and relationships. “At least I own my shit!” is a constant phrase we bounce back and forth. He, like me, takes pride in the fact that he knows when he’s being ridiculous. I often use the... Read More

Growth & Grief: Two sides of the same coin

I know growth and grief seem like an odd couple of sorts, but they come more hand-in-hand than I think we give ourselves time to ponder. We’re all on a trajectory towards growth whether we realize it or not. As a part of the universe that is constantly expanding, we are along for the ride, digging in our heels, running... Read More

Mindset: Willingness to make moves

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I’ve been reading emails, listening to podcasts and writing posts (for other sites) today and everything keeps coming back to visualization. Something must be in the water. I loved this Unmistakable Creative podcast with sport psych coach, masterful mindset, dude, Graham Betchart. Brother is speaking my language;) I think sports are such a great way into visualization. We all get... Read More

You Are Not Your Thoughts

I talk about this concept: you are not your thoughts, all the time in my practice, and in my workshops. It seems obvious, but for whatever reason, we forget all the time. I know I was caged by my thoughts for years, and was downright pissed at 30 years-old when someone lit the bulb for me–finally. It’s one of those... Read More

Spartan: One Rad Race

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We bought these tix to do this race forever ago it seems. It was an effort to get our cousin training, but none of us actually “trained” for the thing, so as time was approaching I think we all had a case of “why are we doing this again?s.” Not only that, this weekend became the weekend where everyone was... Read More

When a Mindfulness Expert Has a Meltdown

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Have you ever seen Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight TED? In it she describes the fascinating and terrifying circumstances of what it’s like to have a stroke from a brain scientist’s perspective. Having studied the brain extensively in her work, the moments she was in and out of awareness, Bolte Taylor was able to piece together her diagnosis and... Read More

3-Minute Marinade: Choo Choo Soul edition

I’ve been on the go since 6AM this morning, and it’s nearing midnight here in Virginia where I’m visiting family this weekend. So this will be ultra-brief, but jammed packed. I left Brooklyn this morning at 10:30 AM after working (and working out) at the crack. When Elisa gave me these (below) road trip snacks, I almost cried. To me,... Read More