The Year of Magical Dreaming

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If Information Were Enough We’d All Have Six Pack Abs AND …

Millions of dollars … That ever elusive life balance … Happiness … All of it! How many times in your life have you said/thought: I know what I need to do, I just don’t do it? I’ve said it myself hundreds, if not thousands, of times. So what’s the dealio? Where are we falling short? What are the roadblocks? Sometimes... Read More

I’m Possible: What’s stopping you?

It’s way past my bathtime, so this will be brief;) I’ve watched this video twice today, and not only is it beautiful and powerful, the message is 100% what this blog’s about: moving beyond fear. Fear and can’t and lack of skill and finances and time and resources make things difficult, yes. But not impossible. Rarely impossible. This is a... Read More

7 Years Ago Today … #tbt

kat hurley, north shore, hawaii, oahu, 2009
I was just filling in my planner for the last of today’s to-do’s and realized the date: March 3rd. My Gma died on this day, 2003. I have celebrated her nearly every day since in one way shape or form–singing a song she used to sing, using an old idiom, admiring her quilt (on my bed), her artwork, a photo.... Read More

Big City Dreams Built on Small Town Love

kat hurley, wife, elisa haggarty, lambertville, new jersey, bridge street, bridge, delaware river
Elisa and I make a point to visit Lambertville at least twice a year, the small New Jersey river town where we met/fell in love (2009). During the summer we enjoy walking/biking trails, everything in bloom, and even the periodic lazy river tube ride. In the winter, it’s more of a brisk stroll around town, checking out all the new shops,... Read More

10 – Min. Manifesting Meditation #2016

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The kittens were quiet only for about a half hour today and just long enough for me to get this recorded. It wasn’t until after I’d downloaded it on one device and onto another did I hear the echo. I kind of think it’s cool. It sounds very guru-ish;) I’m warning you only so you don’t think I’m standing behind... Read More

Chanukah, Charlie Browns & Mini Miracles

kat hurley, wife, elisa haggarty, charlie brown, christmas, tree
We scored the most perfect Charlie Brown tree this year, capping off  a warm and cozy weekend full of food, friends, fun, kittens and mini miracles. I’m such a sucker for this season. The smell of pine, the twinkling lights, the cozy fireplaces, the kitten snuggles. I had never been to a Chanukah party before. Somehow I’d never even heard the... Read More

Most of Us, We’ve Won the Lottery

It was a rough night last eve in the Hurley/Haggarty household, I’m not gonna lie. Some family stuff turned dark and heavy really quickly, and my heart hurt in a way I’d forgotten it could. The details aren’t important, but just know the mood was desperate and bleak. I went to bed not knowing what the morning would bring. And... Read More