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The Art of Doing: Camille Sweeney

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I’m thrilled to introduce to you my friend and fellow author/speaker, Camille Sweeney. She and her husband, Josh Gosfield, co-authored The Art of Doing: How superachievers do what they do and how they do it so well. Camille is the current president of New York Toastmasters, where we met each other nearly two years ago. She’s a TEDx speaker and... Read More

Stop Searching For Your Passion: Terri Trespicio

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I would consider my friend and mentor, Terri Trespicio, a media maven and branding guru who has an incredible intuitive approach to personal branding. She’s also a writer and stand-up comedian who suffers from the same doubts in creativity we all do. Her recent TED, Stop Searching For Your Passion, has garnered over 1.3 million hits and counting. In our... Read More

Good Cop, Bad Daughter: An unlikely police officer with Karen Lynch

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I’m so excited for you to meet my friend and fellow author, Karen Lynch, of Good Cop, Bad Daughter. She has an incredible story that I know you’ll enjoy, as well as some amazing insight, given all her vast, extraordinary experiences. We talk all things surviving a chaotic childhood, depression and mental illness, creativity and writing, politics and black lives matter,... Read More

What I’ve Learned from 1,000 Daily Posts

In November 2013, I started this thing, this blog. I knew little where it was headed or how to garner traffic, I just wanted to write. After being away from writing for over a year (the time that it took to publish my book), I missed telling stories. Now, almost three years later, I’ve written nearly every damn day. My... Read More

What Happened to Orlando? One artist is making sure we don’t forget

It’s not uncommon for us to lose sight of the effects of one tragedy when they quickly get buried by another. Since the Orlando shooting in June we’ve had one media maelstrom after another it seems. I was reminded of my friend, Rafael Esquer, and his team at Alfalfa Studios‘, efforts to keep Orlando in our hearts with this recent... Read More

How Awe Can Save You From Yourself

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ― W.B. Yeats As we head into summer, vacations and roadtrips where we’re able to lose ourselves for a few days at a time, how can we bottle some of that ahhhh to bring back home with us to get us to the next break?... Read More

Make Bad Stuff!

I always used to make the joke: Not all art is fridgeworthy! It was a metaphor to the latest trend: everyone gets a trophy. Perhaps it’s a whole ‘nother post entirely, the increase in entitlement of the everyone-gets-a-trophy generation. And the fact that we’re now trying to teach winning and losing to those who have grown up believing we all... Read More