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The Crowded Stinky Subway Paradox

Despite the smell of urine that blankets the humid tunnels, the extremely close encounters with questionable hygiene, and the constant anxiety of “where’s the train?” or “why is it stopping?” or “what if we’re trapped?” I love the subway! I know daily commuters who would scoff at my enthusiasm, but it’s true. I rarely ride where I don’t take in... Read More

This Matters

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I had a thought-provoking conversation with my 84-year-old client, Dorothy, this afternoon. Having been a political activist nearly all her life, I love to get her opinion on current events. Today I asked: “How can we fix what’s going on with these cops shooting innocent people?” Her face went solemn; she shook her head. “I don’t know.” Dorothy’s not on... Read More

Hurt People, Hurt People #Pulse

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I know tragedies like the Orlando Pulse shooting make us feel all the feelings, including the worst, in my eyes, hopelessness. When I’m without hope on how to change policy or how to contribute to the cause, often times, I just do me. As I wrote this poem, I thought about all the hurt people who hurt people, and even... Read More

Everything Will Be OK …

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(Play vid HERE.) Everything will be OK … As soon as we’re OK with everything. I love this quote from Untethered Soul, a book I’ve read twice and am itching to read again. I cannot tell you how often I discuss resistance in my work with clients. Resistance to body. Resistance to job. Resistance to family/upbringing. … diagnosis. … divorce.... Read More

How to Stop Outsourcing Our Happiness

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“Happiness and unhappiness are states of mind, and therefore their real causes cannot be found outside the mind.” -Gen Kelsang Nyema I never understood this concept until I experienced it for myself. For years I’d been searching for happiness outside myself: when I’d get the right job, when I’d finally settle in the perfect relationship, when I’d become completely debt-free.... Read More

Living in Alignment: 11 min guided meditation

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I know I’ve really been drilling this one [intent sh&*^t] home this week, but I’m telling you … it’s a total gamechanger. I promise, if you can get this than you are golden;) Namaste, yo! Have at it. #Onward Much Love,

We See the World Through Our Experiences

Today I’m at the post office in my neighborhood, waiting in the ridiculously long and seasonally disgruntled pick-up line with my pink slip in hand, curious as to what I’d ordered and why I didn’t just send it to my in laws address. I’d rather drive to Jersey than wait in this line!┬áNearly 5 PM, I’m grateful when I see... Read More