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What Does Your Energy Say About You?

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, I think we can all agree that we’re energetic beings. We’ve all said at one time or another, “I just don’t like his energy.” Or hers. It can be a tricky thing to define, and yet seems universal in understanding. Energy speaks. Nearly eight years ago, when I first met my wife, Elisa, she’d been... Read More

Best Relationship Advice Ever: Own Your Shiz

I have this one client who studies psychology. So as I boss him around the gym, we jam out on all things personal development and relationships. “At least I own my shit!” is a constant phrase we bounce back and forth. He, like me, takes pride in the fact that he knows when he’s being ridiculous. I often use the... Read More

Everything Will Be OK …

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(Play vid HERE.) Everything will be OK … As soon as we’re OK with everything. I love this quote from Untethered Soul, a book I’ve read twice and am itching to read again. I cannot tell you how often I discuss resistance in my work with clients. Resistance to body. Resistance to job. Resistance to family/upbringing. … diagnosis. … divorce.... Read More

Racing Extinction

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I donated to its Kickstarter campaign back in 20-12, when the working title was still The Heist. All I knew was that it was formed by the Oceanic Preservation Society and it was to be another bold mission by the Oscar-winning filmmakers of The Cove. As hard as it was for me to watch the movie, I knew The Cove was... Read More

Disasterbating With the Best of ‘Em

*photo cred: When I heard Stacey Morgenstern of Holistic MBA say “disasterbating” at HolisticMBA Live I about fell out of my seat. I think I snorted laughed because it was so spot on. Instantly, a few people popped in my mind: big-time disasterbaters! In case it isn’t obvious, this disasterbating stuff is the highly addictive habitual behavior of turning... Read More

Stress: On a Scale of 1 to 10 #vlog

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I had a girlfriend in college who was borderline OCD. She just loved to check things off her to-do list. She’d write “shower” on the list just so she could cross it off. I’d tease her all the time: “Why don’t you just write ‘breathe’ on there while you’re at it!” Her room was meticulous, not an item out of... Read More

What’s Emotional Courage and How Do I Get More of It

I’ve written about emotional intelligence before, but emotional courage, hmmm … ? I learned a little bit about it today with Lewis Howes and Peter Bregman on the School of Greatness Podcast. I just ordered Bregman’s new book Four Seconds: All the time you need to stop counter-productive habits and get what you want, so there will be plenty more... Read More