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27 Truths: Living out loud

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This post was inspired by Chelsea at LiveYourLegend, a blog/community I’ve been following for a few years, where with every recent post I’m still shocked by the sudden loss of founder Scott Dinsmore. I often think I’ve told you everything. I’ve written an entire book about my whole sloppy mess, and I continue to rehash it here on the blog.... Read More

Born For This!

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I attended a Gabby Bernstein event Friday night with Yoga Journal Live after what felt like the longest day ever. I had a 45 min keynote in the morning that I was up at 5:30AM preparing for, and then I had six straight sessions back-to-back of drug and alcohol discussions with high school students at Dwight. Gabby’s theme for the evening... Read More

Momastery: A Real Life Truth Teller

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I think it was one of my favorite renegade mom’s, JK, who introduced me to Glennon Doyle Melton and her blog Momastery. Although I’m not a mom yet, when I stumbled upon Glennon’s ah-mazing book, Carry On Warrior: The power of embracing your beautiful messy life, I thought … yes, addict, I can meet her at addict, oh, and depression,... Read More

Show Up For Life: Crazy Sexy Miracles

I didn’t feel well Sunday, but Elisa had given me a ticket to Crazy Sexy Miracles with Gabby Bernstein and Kris Carr for Christmas. I didn’t want to miss it. I knew I’d feel better if I got out of the house anyway. And of course I did. I love these two. They’re hilarious and genuine and totally in touch... Read More

David Bowie: Iconic authenticity

“If I’m going to do something that could be provocative or artistically relevant, I have to be prepared to put myself in a place where I feel unsafe, not completely in control. I have no fear of failure whatsoever, because often out of that uncertainty something is salvaged, something that is worthwhile comes about. There is no progress without failure,... Read More

Nerd Fitness: Why didn’t I think of that?

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I am a big fan of Jonathan Fields, but for some reason have been slacking on his podcast: The Good Life Project. Today, through GLP, I was introduced to Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness and fell in love with his story. It’s all about following curiosity, leveraging interests and talents and creating a tribe, all while being authentically awesome and adorably... Read More

Do You

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And only you! I love this message from Ellen. We often forget, given that she’s one of the most well-liked women on TV, that Ellen took a huge hit just to be herself. The world wasn’t ready for her, and she spent months depressed, doubting her decision. And now look at her. Yes, it can be risky to be honest,... Read More