The Year of Magical Dreaming

Sun is in Pisces!

I know almost nothing about Astrology, except that I couldn’t be any more Pisces if I tried. Hence the tramp stamp artfully crafted ink I have on my back;)


When I lived in Hawaii, where it’s common for people to ask your sign before they even ask your name, I always got a kick out of the reactions: a cringe and immediate recoil vs. a warm smile and the feeling of a predestined kindred spirit. Do I know you?

I didn’t get it.

I hadn’t done my homework.

Isn’t all this bogus, anyway?

Now, I’m not so certain.

I have experienced things both in Hawaii and thereafter that opened the door to all things hella woo-woo. No judgement! Whatever works, right?

I think often about what my wise friend once said:

“Can you see wifi?”

Me: “Uh, no.”

“Do you get how wifi works?”

Me: “Nope.”

“You just trust that it’s there; that it works. And you’re pissed when it doesn’t!”

Me: “Yup.”

“Well, that’s faith then isn’t it?”

Me: (scratching head.)

I took this (above) screenshot as I was Googling when Pisces begins. It cracked me up considering we were just talking about “feeling all the feelings!” That’s Pisces/me for ya;)

The other thing I learned today, in the land of Google, is that Pisces is the 12th sign so it’s kinda a combo meal of all the signs.

I don’t do horoscopes, but I have to say I can always predict when Mercury’s in Retrograde.

Being a fish, also, I can never discount the Moon and the tides.

We’re made from the stuff of stars, so who knows. Perhaps there’s more to all this than an awkward pick-up line: “Hey, beautiful. What’s YOUR sign?”

Did I mention Elisa’s also a Pisces? Talk about a mirror of all the things I admire and dislike of my personality. Yikes!

I leave you with this: Seriously, what is your sign? Does it describe you?


Much Love,