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Sucks To Be You (vlog)

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Why does it feel better when people validate our suckage?

“Awe man, that sucks.”

… Thanks? I guess.

I fell down the feeling-sorry-for-myself-hole this morning.

Everything seemed an inconvenience: sweeping again, after sweeping late last night, litter box duties (this is why I didn’t want TWO!), laundry is engulfing us because the littlest one hasn’t quite sorted out the whole shi-shi thing just yet.

Then the car thing happened just to ice the pity cake.

It’s an ’03, neither of us want to fret over a new car in the city, so we’ve been nursing this one through some aches and pains lately.


It came to me.

This is life. This is what it looks like.

It looks like tow trucks, it feels like an old car with no AC, and, lately, it smells a lot like cat pee.

It’s not all planes and paradise. It’s the everyday hustle in between.

Thankfully, there’s always a glimpse of gratitude to dig up. Impossible though, when we indulge entirely in the suckage.

I did, I won’t lie, for a bit. I wanted that validation, dammit.

But when our car guy, Randy, sent his dad over to take a look, who could be upset anymore?

And that’s the real story of #lifebydesign. Taking it all, the good and the bad, even with just a glimpse of grace and gratitude.

I leave you with this: Have you started to throw a pity party and stopped mid-soiree? How did you shift gears? Why?

*Ananda is the meditation app I was talking about in the vid.


Much Love,