“Kat is a remarkable speaker who knows how to move an audience. She strives to tailor her talks in a manner that resonates with everyone present. With captivating personal stories, and powerful lessons, she is able to connect on a level that is unmatched.” – Steve Alexander, President NYC Toastmasters, 2013

kat hurley open mic poetry, 2009A two-time Toastmasters International winner and graduate of Youth Speaker University, Kat leaves her audiences at schools, conferences or professional networking events enlightened, empowered and driven to action.

Kat Hurley, M. Ed. is a prolific inspirational speaker who has motivated both students and adults to move beyond their negative (and often obsessive) thought patterns of past afflictions and present fears to ignite the discovery of inner gifts, talents and passions–leaving them inspired to live their dream.

Kat shares her message in such a way that it invites each member of her audiences to both realize and celebrate their own.

Kat witnessed a family tragedy at five, was separated from her brothers and shifted around, living with aunts, uncles and eventually her grandma. Divorce, death, suicide, abandonment, drinking, drugs, homosexuality, popularity, and fear, are just a few of the many topics Kat knows all too well and discusses openly in her talks. 

“Kat is a very impressive storyteller who really connects with the audience through personal, relatable anecdotes. She has very quickly joined the ranks of our club’s top speakers.” – Josh Rinaldi, President NYC Toastmasters

kat hurley in baltimore befree fridays open mic slam poetry, 2009Having overcome a past filled with tragedy, Kat aims to lessen the torment familiar to her audiences through powerful techniques on awareness and mindfulness through the powerful lens of forgiveness.

Colored with comedy and captivating poetry, Kat’s keynotes are a catalyst for inspired change.

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 “As an officer in Toastmasters International, I have experienced Kat Hurley’s healing, inspirational energy during her award-winning speeches with our club.  Kat has an extraordinary honesty and sincerity which are the foundation of who she is and all that she does. Her combination of great speaking skills, her ability to approach life with an open and loving heart, and her deep dedication for helping others achieve their utmost dreams, makes her an inspirational speaker who will win hearts, and motivate everyone who has the blessing of experiencing her offerings.” -Pam Olsen, VP of Education NYC Toastmasters

Nothing But the Truth Book Reading, NYC 2014
Book reading and signing. NYC, 2013

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