The Year of Magical Dreaming

Show Up For Life: Crazy Sexy Miracles

I didn’t feel well Sunday, but Elisa had given me a ticket to Crazy Sexy Miracles with Gabby Bernstein and Kris Carr for Christmas. I didn’t want to miss it.

I knew I’d feel better if I got out of the house anyway.

And of course I did.

I love these two.

They’re hilarious and genuine and totally in touch with their crazy. They’re shameless spirit sisters and have made miracles hip and sexy for so many women. It’s really cool to witness.

This year’s theme was perfect: Show Up For Life!

A theme that has come up time and time again already this year.

Some gems I picked up from the ladies, and I’m paraphrasing:

“Say yes to life through surrender; ie. 1. hands off the wheel, trust, mantra: ‘how would you use me?’ 2. Turn over time, ain’t happening on our watch, chill 3. give up the outcome, surrender it up, do your part and then get out of the way!” -Gabby

“Know your why and understand your want. As in, you can have it all, but maybe not all at once! If you’re sucking in one place, you’re likely kicking ass someplace else. So don’t get your passion panties all in a wad! Passion is energy, not an endpoint.” -Kris

We talked a lot of whole body yesses, and we also discussed the clear-the-space no’s.

I liked how Kris added, “Does this opportunity tire you or inspire you?”

Then, like a total groupie, I stood in line to meet Kris. I have you to thank for my selfie board, btw;) (I do it for you, I swear!)

But then it happened … that really [painful to witness] embarrassing moment when you meet someone you admire and proceed to verbally vomit all the ways you know and love them.

OMG, it was dreadful.

“Hi Kris, my name is Kat, this is my second Crazy Sexy Miracles. I love this event. I see Gabby all the time in NYC and I first saw you at I Can Do It four years ago. I really appreciate your authenticity and transparency. Oh, and after last time I saw you … I wrote a blog about “Fuck Cancer” and how we shouldn’t fuck cancer, right? Because we should love our bodies no matter what, yeah? Like you said that helped you. Isn’t that what you said?”

I was speaking so quickly trying to get it all out that I sounded like the voiceovers at the end of pharmaceuticals commercial. You know the guy who hurries through all the side effects?

It was awful. But thankfully she was gracious, and charming–thirteen years living with Stage 4 Cancer … “Well, no. That’s not exactly what I said. They can say ‘Fuck Cancer’, it’s their journey, Kat.”

She said my name, which later I found to be remarkable given how much I spewed between my name and her recalling it. Dang she’s good.

I promised I’d write another post on “Fuck Cancer if You Want To” and then we took an awkward selfie and I walked away embarrassed that I did the groupie thing that I promised myself I would never ever do. Doh!

I blame it on not feeling well. I was hot. I was tired. Oh, and I was hungry. Bad things always happen when I’m hungry.

And worse, it wasn’t even a flattering selfie;) But she did like my bow tie!

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Hopefully there were hundreds of other women who vomited far worse and she’s completely forgotten the incident because I would love to have her on the podcast someday.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue to show up for life and recoup my cool;)

I especially love Gabby’s steps to surrender. Great tools for crazy sexy belt!

I leave you with this: What does show up for life mean for you right now? Also, have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of someone you admire? Please share. It will make me feel better;)

Oh, I almost forgot … speaking of podcast–We’re still tallying the votes. The last bunch of votes came in heavy for #2 Dedication L.A.B., but then I ran into a few roadblocks with that one I hadn’t researched. I will keep you updated. Thanks again for your feedback. I really appreciate you!


Much love,