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Receive, Dammit!

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I talk about receiving often in my work with clients, in workshops and even with close friends and family. As adults, we’re terrible at receiving compliments, gifts, kind gestures, you name it.

My favorite are kids:

Me: Wow! That’s an awesome shirt you’re wearing.

Cool kid: I know.

Translation: Isn’t it great! Thank you.

We could learn a lot from that, you know.

The focus in our culture is usually on the giving part: how important it is to give, give, give.

I find it just as important to learn to graciously receive.

I’m beginning to hear more and more: “I’ll receive that” — a sure sign someone’s developed a practice of receiving;)

And it is absolutely a practice, like so much of mindfulness, because we’re unwinding the unconscious dialogue we’ve rehearsed for years, decades, a lifetime even: saying no when we mean yes, and much more.

A nice person: Can I help you with that?

Us: Nah, I got it. Thanks.

Translation: Ask me again please? I changed my mind!

We [unconsciously] deflect all the time, which not only takes away from our own power, if you will, but also acts as a stiff arm to the giver. #NotCool.

Another nice person: That dress is amazing!

Us: What? This old thing? It’s laundry day. Nothing else was clean. You’re very kind though.

You can almost hear the womp, womp.

I’ve even laughed at someone giving me a compliment before. I wouldn’t recommend that either. Who cares if you just crawled out of bed! Receive it, dammit!

I’ve written about this topic before, but since it continues to come up, I know it’s worth repeating. This Good Life Project Podcast with Jon Acuff was a good reminder of this message and more. Great listen!

How about this: 7-Day Receiving Challenge! Try it. Notice how resistant you are and catch yourself in the act. Unwind the old pattern and grow even brighter in your bounce;)

Let us know your relationship to receiving. Do you have a practice?


Much Love,