The Year of Magical Dreaming

Reality Bites: Well, mostly

So, we survived our 3-day shoot in Tampa. I have to say, I give the Kardashians a little more credit. There is nothing glamorous about reality TV. “Soul-sucking,” I think, is the term Elisa borrowed.

We basically shot from 9 to 5, give or take, for the full three days. The weather would just not cooperate. Hours and hours worth of footage to be chopped and cropped–in just six short weeks–into a Reality Bites, 22-min masterpiece.

Thankfully, the crew was great and down-time was filled with dancing, behind the scenes shenanigans, selfie photoshoots, and free lunch. Funny how no matter what is asked of me, no matter how ridiculous, free lunch always seems to make it OK. The free drinks to follow didn’t hurt either.

It seems Spring Cleaning has come at the perfect time;)

We have, however, thoroughly enjoyed the tour of Tampa Bay and St. Petes. We’ve had an awesome time visiting friends. And even with uncharacteristically cool weather, we both soaked up a good cloudburn yesterday.

Our flight was cancelled this eve, which gave us a few more hours to play AND Elisa was able to watch the Bentley/West Texas A&M game, she’s been obsessing over, live–yet another bit of manifesting on her part, I must say.

Trips like this prove we’re still up for a good adventure, we can still roll with the punches, and even when the soul feels disconcertingly sucked, the Universe always knows whats up.

I leave you with this: Kill your TV. Preferably before this episode airs;)


Much Love,


PS … If you too have been forced to eat or drink things beyond your control, or have just succumbed to the winter blues and cheat meals have become cheat weeks, or if you actually have willpower but would still love a good clean challenge, do check out our upcoming Spring Cleaning: Mind, Body, Soul 6-Week Online Course. It’s what all the cool kids are doing;)