The Year of Magical Dreaming

Random Brooklyn Run Aha’s #vlog

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My brother is in town for Fleet Week, so vlogs might be my jam for the rest of the week as I’ll be playing tourist with him in midtown for the next two days.

Friday we hope to shoot some more footage for the upcoming I Think I’ll Make It documentary with the fabulous, and finally not-so-swamped, Dara Bratt.

Also, I’m heading into the woods this weekend for Memorial Day and wifi is questionable. If you don’t hear from me, I’m drinking GF beer and grilling organic meats in some tiny Pennsylvania town. #digitaldetox

Today’s vlog is simply some of my random aha’s I had on my run today. Funny how I do my best thinking in the shower and on a run.

Loving my HRV app I’ve been mentioning. It is a total #gamechanger! More on that soon to come.

Happy sunshine!


Much Love,