The Year of Magical Dreaming

Progress: Ain’t always pretty

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I often hear, “I’m not flexible.” Or, “my body doesn’t do yoga.” Elisa always says, “It’s boring!”

I’ll be honest, it was an acquired taste for me too. It’s like the first time I drank vodka and spit it out. It wasn’t until I learned the amazing things it could do for me that I found a way to get it down;)

Just a spoon full of sugar, right?

The reason I’m enjoying my flexibility challenge this year so far is because I’m actually seeing measurable progress, even if it ain’t pretty just yet.

We can do this with anything: fitness, diet, a creative project. It’s fun to tinker, but having a measurable goal feeds the motivation more than we realize.

As opposed to taking several different kinds of yoga–what I’ve done in the past–instead, I have been periodically working in this same yoga vid to see how I’m ┬áprogressing. As of last month, this (above) pose was still out of the question.

Because yoga looks fairly easy, our frustration tolerance is quite low. I get the same complaints about meditation. It is just breathing after all. So for most people it’s black and white after the first attempt.

We judge our early experiences all the time. “I can’t sing.” “I can’t dance.” “I have no balance.”

To me that just means all the more reason to try harder.

Especially things like balance and meditation that will increase mental acuity and brain health, among other things.

Just be patient with yourself, as progress ain’t always pretty. But forward movement is motion, nonetheless, and over time you may be surprised. I know I was!

And yet, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Regret’s no fun either.

I leave you with this: What’s one thing you considered yourself terrible before concentrated effort?


Much Love,