When I started working with Kat, I was desperate to bring peace to my mind and to feel happy. She has helped me to realize that I am the only one responsible for my happiness, and that I am powerful and capable beyond measure. She is my partner in combating my stubbornness, she doesn’t let me give up on myself when I so desperately want to, and she has padded my life with countless resources so that my education and empowerment are available to me 24/7. Because of my work with Kat, I know my passions are there for me to grasp, and I now have specific steps I can take to truly LIVE my dream.

kat hurley lfe coaching client, kim

Over the past six months, Kat has helped me immensely to navigate the peaks and valleys of life with clarity, perspective, and grace. She always seems to have just the story, quote, lesson, book, guru, etc. to motivate and inspire me in any situation. Her outlook on life is so fresh and positive and she most certainly walks the walk. Kat is committed to the happiness and transformation of her clients. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a life upgrade!

Kim, 2015

kat hurley life coaching client, heidi

When I first met Kat I was fascinated by how real, open, and honest she was …  my bootcamp instructor. When I overheard her telling someone she wrote a book, I decided to read it just to find out more about her and figure out how she was always so upbeat. After reading it and getting to know her a little more, I decided she was someone I wanted to work with. Despite being hesitant at first, I can honestly say, I have never questioned that decision, which is huge for me. Kat is all about making the changes or taking the steps you need to improve your life. Like I said, she is also very real about herself so it feels more like a friendship but the kind where she will call you out on things when you need it. I feel like other methods of therapy I had tried left me feeling more like a victim, but in working with Kat from day one she will tell you that we all have our stories in life and it’s how we react to them that can create the change we desire. For the first time in years I started to feel empowered rather than lost by my life’s circumstances. With Kat’s help I went from being afraid of everything to being curious and excited to see where my life will take me and if it’s really possible to live my dream.

Heidi, 2015

kat hurley life coaching client, fe

Last night I had my first life coaching call with Kat Hurley. I had been expecting a really heavy going conversation where I would bawl my eyes out and realize that yes – “Woe is me”! So I got off the call with Kat feeling grounded but buzzing. We had blown so much right out the window. None of my self-limiting beliefs had any hope of surviving, and I had a few! The nice thing that follows a conversation like the one I just had, is an overwhelming sense of ‘lightness’. I came away with a great sense of clarity around so many of the things that had been holding me back and the realization that they had no grounds to do so.

Fe, 2013

kat hurley life coaching client, louise

Kat brings a healing and empowering energy to her life coaching practice. She is forgiving but firm and called me on moments when I was playing small. Her approach is practical, grounded and connected. Our sessions took place during a time of transformation in my life and by the end of them, I embarked on possibly the happiest period of my life – and it’s still continuing. I feel that Kat is someone who will always be there to support, guide and share. I’m truly grateful for having met her!

Louise, 2012

kat hurley life coaching client, jamie

Working with Kat has changed my life. She has guided and given me the tools to grow beyond what conventional therapy ever could. As a mom of three small children the added benefit of phone sessions makes it possible to fit my busy schedule! She is my personal trainer for my mind, my spiritual gangsta and someone I now consider my soul sister.

Jamie, 2014

kat hurley life coaching client, erin

I’ve lost 7 inches, 15 lbs. and I wear a size 4. I’m leaving my job and happy about it! Sleeping better and feeling happier. Thank you so much! This is because of you believing in me. Lots of love, E.

EL, 2014

kat hurley life coaching client, pam

I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Kat. Kat is an experienced, kind, uplifting, intuitive, “tell it like it is” life coach. I was “stuck” in a situation and my old thinking patterns, and Kat has given me new ways to think about things, and I am slowly retraining my brain to live in the present, and to let things go that I cannot change. And to top it off, she makes me laugh, and I love that!! My future certainly holds more promise with Kat as my co-pilot!!

Pam, 2015

kat hurley life coaching client

I just wanted to say thank you for all your support, advice, kicks in the ass, and kind words you have given me. I knew I had this “change” inside me, but I didn’t know how to bring it out of me, and that is where Kat’s life coaching came in. I feel so much more content on a daily basis and I don’t look outside myself for anything. If I feel myself starting to walk down the old path, I just turn and walk the other way because I know where it takes me. I know now that if I keep this way of life things will only get better for me and my son. Thanks again.

Erin, 2013