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Orchestrate Your Passion

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I read Steven Kotler’s Rise of Superman a couple years ago now, so this Shot of Awe with Jason Silva dissecting Kotler on passion caught my attention.

The discussion on passion has been interesting lately. A couple days ago I posted an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert where she is continually course correcting her language NOT to include this illusive quest for passion. She claims to have learned better after realizing that not all people are like her, having known her passion since she was a kid. Instead, she has found more and more people to have stumbled up theirs, far later in life, by simply following curiosity.

Following curiosity sounds a bit passive to me, not enough urgency. It’s that “I’ll get motivated when I happen upon it” attitude that I’m trying to light the fire beneath!

Especially in the wake of tragedies like Orlando, when so many young lives were lost. I try to use these opportunities to be a great reminder of just how short life is, and to not put off another day that which I may begin today.

Which is why I really love this medium article:

Fight for your calling!

Now there’s the urgency I’m looking for! The perseverance. The grit.

I totally agree with Kotler: It’s the intersection between curiosity, purpose, service. The exact point where one finds meaning. And where there’s meaning, there’s motivation.

Go there!


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