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NYC Pride: The Gays Paint the Town

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It’s been a couple years since Elisa and I celebrated NYC Pride. I’ve always said, you’ve seen one parade, you’ve seen ’em all. But, as you might imagine, something about this year felt different.

With the recent events in Orlando, the ongoing conversations over bathrooms, refusing service to gays, and not to mention the heated upcoming election, this pride seemed more important than ever.

I forget how lucky we are to live in a city/state that doesn’t blink an eye over all things queer. In fact, this city would crumble into the Hudson without all its fabulous gays;)

I was thrilled to catch the tail end of the parade shortly after we arrived back in Brooklyn. I quickly hopped on a train, and darted out to 5th Ave.

Enjoy the quick glimpse of the celebrations!

Feeling all the feelings;)

#loveislove #orlandostrong

PS … Can’t wait to tell you about Bravehearts weekend!

More Soon,