The Year of Magical Dreaming

Nourishment: What we need more of and how it will change us

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This could be food, drink, noise, TV/news, energy at home/office, social media, literally EVERYTHING we take in is what I consider nourishment.

All this stuff, is it nourishing you or depleting you?

I look for healthy organic foods, for instance, to nourish me, thought provoking articles, books, podcasts to nourish me, breath work, sleep, meditation and movement (running, walking, biking, lifting weights, dancing, playing, etc) to nourish me, like-minded positive people to nourish/challenge me.

The cool thing is … the more I’m filled with my own nourishment, the more strength I have to withstand/tune out outside criticism and chaos AND, most importantly, the need for approval.

When I’m so filled up on my own goodness (nourishing practices), I’m no longer lacking in places that feel vulnerable to the nonsense that once swayed me (for years).

Yes, there’s still room for cat videos and crappy TV every once in a while, but it’s not my go to. There’s even room for wine and other treats, but they’re not necessary, just a fun bonus.

Iyanla Vanzlant, who I quote a lot in my practice, says “fill them up from your overflow, not your cup.”

We–especially us women–love to martyr ourselves in the name of helping someone else. As the analogy often goes, however, we must first strap on our own masks before assisting others. ‘Cuz we ain’t saving nobody’s life, when we can’t breathe!

Taking the time to nourish ourselves, believe me, is saving those around us–indirectly sure, but profoundly so, even if they don’t see it that way at first.

When we pause to ask ourselves “will this nourish me or deplete me?” we’re giving ourselves that four seconds to get firmly planted in our present moment awareness. Many of our bad habits happen unconsciously, ie. smoking, eating, drinking, binge TV, FB, etc. Sometimes (how I quit smoking after a decade) that pause is all you need to interrupt the pattern in order to create lasting change.

Not to mention obnoxious noise, subtle abuse at the office, high stress TV like 24/7 news, violence or horror, why do we take this stuff in?

No, thank you.

The more I’m conscious of what I’m ingesting the less I tolerate unnecessary noise, even bad music I don’t have much time for, or commercials, I’d rather sit in silence.

We can only process so much in a day. I’d much rather save my processing capacity for things I care about.

Other examples of nourishment:

massage, book, bath, a nice nap, walk in nature, anything creative/hobby, quality time with family/friends/partner, exercise, meditation, etc.

The more we fill ourselves from the inside out, the less we need validation from outside in. It’s remarkable how profound a shift I’ve seen in my own life and now in my clients using this mindfulness technique of nourishment.

Here’s your guilt-free ticket to go get a massage, or whatever other treatment you prefer!

Soak it up. You deserve it.

I leave you with this: What other nourishing activities did I miss? How do you nourish you?


Much Love,