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Momastery: A Real Life Truth Teller

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I think it was one of my favorite renegade mom’s, JK, who introduced me to Glennon Doyle Melton and her blog Momastery. Although I’m not a mom yet, when I stumbled upon Glennon’s ah-mazing book, Carry On Warrior: The power of embracing your beautiful messy life, I thought … yes, addict, I can meet her at addict, oh, and depression, and fear, and shame, and writer, and hilarious!


We’ll get to mom when I get there, but Glennon’s style of truth telling–authenticity that in only the last few years I’ve grown to appreciate in myself–makes appropriately imperfect parenting seem way more my speed.

I took gobs of notes tonight and laughed and laughed in the front row with all the groupies. I have quotables that I’ll be sharing for months!

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She’s a true truth teller, salt of the earth soul and a remarkable superhero, who I can’t wait to have on the podcast when her new book comes out … just putting it out there, universe;)

Also, this church. You would not believe this church: St. Paul’s Chapel. First of all it’s a gazillion years old and George Washington or something prayed there in his day. AND, given that it’s at Ground Zero. It became a safe haven during 9-11 where so many of the rescue workers came for food, supplies, massage and rest. There are no pews left because they were so worn by the bodies of the rescue workers. Chairs go up during the day for parishioners and down at night to be replaced by cots for those who don’t have a place to sleep inside from the cold.

Glennon’s charity, Together Rising¬†for women and children in crisis, donated 500 meals for each ticket sold from the event tonight.

With the relics and memorabilia and the lingering love in the space, I was beyond moved.


I loved this shot on my way out.


One of the parishioners, also a Momastary fan, had written Glennon a story about her time volunteering just after 9-11. They were there to support the aid workers. At midnight one evening, they went out into the white ash night, the fires still hot, to bring the rescuers Visine, snacks, and pewter angels that had been a gift from another parish.

The heroes only wanted the angels. They were so grateful.

Glennon and “Sister” (Amanda) had us all leave with our own relic tonight. They’d found more of those angels.

Carry On Warrior!



Much Love,