The Year of Magical Dreaming

Let it Change Everything

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Sometimes we write things off as mere coincidence. It’s just easier that way, rather than getting all wrapped up in a philosophical debate with ourselves or others. Our long-standing beliefs of “how the world is” really don’t like to be challenged. And Lord knows we don’t want to disrupt relationships with family or friends who gave us that very perspective on the world in the first place.

Besides, intuition can be intimate and hard to explain. It’s complicated, so ignoring it is just … easier.

But what if … what if that world view needs to be tested? What if your intuition is screaming to be heard? It won’t make sense to the conscious/thinking brain and that’s ok–initially it doesn’t have to be explained.

Some people call it a simple knowing.

We hear about it all the time. A mom who just knew her child, away at college, was in danger. Or a fireman who had a hunch to check that smoky room once more. Or a doctor whose instincts told her to order just one more test that proved positive for the little boy’s meningitis.

We know it happens. We don’t deny these stories.

Yet, when it happens to us, we dismiss it as if we don’t want the responsibility. Don’t talk to me!! No way!¬†Channel switched: off!

I wanted nothing to do with meditation, talking to angels, even quiet; I hated the quiet.

Yet the universe worked its magic, and nearly forced me to sit–actually, held me down.

I recognized my angels almost instantly in the heart opening intimacy that was to follow. I embraced quiet. I waited for signs.

I find that when I try to explain what happens in meditation, it’s like explaining a dream that never comes out right, never making sense as it had in my slumber, and never ever as real as it felt in the moment.

Instead of trying to make sense of it, I let it change me. I let intuition and synchronicity guide me. I trusted for the first time, I was on the right path. And better yet, I gained faith that I would never lose the way again.

It was a double dog dare that I accepted, although reluctantly. My relationships, my future, my worldview all to be tested. It didn’t just change me, it changed everything.

I leave you with this: What are your stories of synchronicity? When has intuition been too obvious to ignore?


Much Love,