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Less Absolutely IS More (Results included)

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At the tail-end of April I wrote about my new lifestyle/exercise approach in this post: Why Less is Adding Up to Be Awesome.

I had just read Primal Endurance and was all amped up on “intuitive training,” an approach, despite all my mindfulness, that all these years I’d mostly ignored.

The premise was simple: Listen to your body.

I even downloaded the recommended HRV (Heart Rate Variability) app, that helped me tune in even closer to my sleep, stress, and repair.

The app quite literally tells you, based on your daily score: “If you planned intense training today, go for it.” Or, “It might be better if you take it easy today.”

Permission to take it easy!

Who knew that was something I even needed?

I thought I had a relatively healthy approach to training. I’m a professional trainer for goodness sake! And yet, there’s always more to learn. Especially with all this budding technology. Soon our exercise will be just as perfectly dialed in as our diet. No more guesswork!

Speaking of which, I cannot wait for this bomb ass piece of exercise tech to come down in price: Whoop does everything! But at $500, I’ll stick with my hrv app and Garmin HR monitor for now.

I use the HR monitor to track my workouts. I try to keep all my cardio in the fatburning zone (180 – your age). On a run that means I’m often walking up hills because keeping my HR at only 142 beats per min is quite difficult actually.

What’s the benefit?

Teaching the body to use fat for fuel as opposed to sugar/carbs is not only great for the physique, but it alters our cravings as well. I’m no longer craving gluten free carbs, and eating mindless “healthy” snacks–because even healthy snacks, I should know, add up over time.

Keep in mind, all my results are based on healthy doses of summer water (aka Rose) and tequila (it’s just been one of those party summers;)

Not to mention, I’ve been eating loads of delicious healthy fats.

I start my day with Bulletproof coffee with nearly two tablespoons of ghee, one tablespoon of coconut oil and one scoop of collagen protein, encouraging my body to go to fat right from the get go!

Craving fewer carbs and more fat, I remain satiated much longer and don’t seem to dip into hypoglycemia as often.

Without getting too technical, I’ll jump to the results (based on Lifestyle/Ex. since April 28th, HRV since May 12th): I’ve lost about 10 lbs. and 4% body fat, working out much, much less!


My best guess is that my muscles aren’t nearly as sore as they used to be. Muscle repair is stress on the body. Stress on the body creates more cravings. I was constantly hungry.

I’m not training when I’m overly fatigued or stressed, and I’m allowing my body to properly repair between difficult workouts. #duh!

I am a perpetual student. I love using my body as a crash test dummy so that I may better help friends, family and clients. So, this won’t be the last you hear on the subject.


In the meantime, tune in, listen; there is likely a path similar for you, to do a whole lot less and gain more!

I leave you with this: What is a new addition to your routine that’s working for you?


Much Love,