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Leap, and the Net Will Appear: A spontaneous interview with Kim The Quitter

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A pleasant surprise of an email prompted this interview with friend and previous client of mine, Kim; I’ll call her, Kim The Quitter.

In our time working together, Kim made drastic changes in her life that we discuss here in this episode.

We often see quitting as such a shameful action, and yet you can hear in Kim’s voice the exhilaration and relief as she has taken a HUGE leap of faith and finally left her cushy job.

After receiving her email with this exciting news Tuesday, I asked her to get on the line Friday as I was hoping to catch her in the midst of all the swirling emotions.

Luckily, she obliged, and what transpired is an amazingly honest and inspiring interview about what it means to truly listen to your intuition, even at the risk of giving it all up.

We discussed transformation, mindfulness, spirituality, uncertainty, fear and failure and so much more.


Brene Brown — shame researcher and storyteller

Elizabeth Gilbert — creativity warrior

Seth Godin — mindset/marketing strategist

Byron Katie — belief karate chopper

Kelly McGonigal — science of stress

Tony Robbins — I Am Not Your Guru (Documentary)

I Think I’ll Make It — my book;)

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