The Year of Magical Dreaming

July 21st: A day to remember

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Over the years this particular day has grown more and more special to me.

For starters, it is my beautiful mom’s birthday. So nearly every year since I was a kid, I’ve taken a few minutes to send good wishes and imagine what we’d be doing together to celebrate if she were here.

For many years this was a sad day for me; just another reminder of what I didn’t have. But as I’ve grown wiser over the years, I’ve learned that, through the lens of gratitude, there is always an opportunity to celebrate.

Just as my birthday, especially since turning 35 (the age she was when she was killed), is a big reminder to push further toward my dreams, as life is precious. Her birthday, nearly my half/birthday (we’re both 21st babies), doubly reminds me to dream big for the both of us.

I set some pretty hardcore intentions each year around January/February, New Year’s and bday, and this time of year I’m definitely tuning back in to either tweak or raise the stakes.

Last summer I came home after 3 weeks spent in Hawaii and was ready to charge the stage focusing on my speaking career. The summer prior I was in the final stages of publishing my book. And the summer before that, I can’t believe it was three years ago now, we were moving back from Hong Kong and landing in Brooklyn, both to start new companies and a new life together.

I asked Elisa to be my wife July 21st, 2012 … three years ago to the day. (Thank goodness we’re getting married in September because this whole fiancee crap has long run its course;)

I can’t quite divulge what is brewing just yet for this year’s goals on the biz/personal tip, but exciting things are on the horizon. That I can promise.

I am so very blessed to have my mom, my angel, looking over me always, my biggest cheerleader, and a damn near angel, beside me, my beautiful almost-wife, pushing me to be better each day.

What a great day to celebrate life, love and purpose!

I leave you with this: Do you have a day or time of year that you cherish? What does it do for you? Why?


Much Love,