The Year of Magical Dreaming

If Information Were Enough We’d All Have Six Pack Abs AND …

Millions of dollars …

That ever elusive life balance …

Happiness …

All of it!

How many times in your life have you said/thought: I know what I need to do, I just don’t do it?

I’ve said it myself hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

So what’s the dealio? Where are we falling short? What are the roadblocks?

Sometimes I wonder whether we’re all just sitting around waiting for motivation to fall from the sky, like Chicken Little.

To quit smoking or give up sweets …

To find a new job or work on that side hustle …

To start exercising or another healthy practice like meditation …

I’m afraid we will be waiting a really long while. More likely instead is that we’ll get so disgusted with ourselves that we’ll create the pain point needed for big change.

Why do you think so many transformational stories begin with: “When I hit rock bottom …”

I hate to say it, but a significant diagnosis, a job loss, a loss of loved one, financial duress, a big move are all HUGE motivators, again the pain point we didn’t even know we needed to get our asses in gear.

Much like what a hard deadline does for a project. GET ‘ER DONE!

So how do we shake ourselves to the core without waiting for the diagnosis, or losing a loved one?

I have a few ideas that have worked for me, not 100%, but mostly enough to generate a good list.

One: Know that motivation is generated, it needs momentum to gain momentum. Just begin. Even if you’re not ready. Go. Ready. Set!

I often say, throw yourself out the door for a run, a networking event, a grocery trip … more often than not we’re happy we went.

Also, one thing at a time, soldier. When we want to change, we want to do it all at once and overnight. Well, habits took a while to form, so they might be a little stubborn to break. The good thing though, when we focus on just one thing … it carries over into other areas, until soon you hardly know what triggered what.

Two: Surround yourself, even virtually, with people who are doing what you want to do. Community is everything. On the days when you’re dragging, you can rely on your people. Even as a personal trainer, I rarely work out on my own anymore. I prefer group fitness, or a running buddy, or even an online yoga class. You borrow the energy from others! It’s the best;) In business, I have tens of distant mentors: stand on the shoulders of those who came before you; they have the route already mapped out. It’s a no brainer!

Three: Accountability (an extension of community). If we could all do it on our own we wouldn’t need trainers or coaches–and, of course, we’d have it already. Look at the best of the best, not one of them go a day without talking to an advisor. That’s why we have an expert industry, none of us are expected to be experts on everything. They’ve done the research. They’ve done the hard work. ASK. FOR. HELP. Hell, pay for help if you find someone you like. Even as a coach, I still hire coaches. I know what to do, dammit, but I still need someone (other than my wife) to give me an ultimatum!

Kinda like how I bought a $49 planner this year where my to-do list on many days is “see yesterday.” #hmmmm

HINT: Cheapest, effective accountability, make a public announcement. Put it out there on the Facebook; shit, write a blog like me. Half the promises I keep are because I told you!

Four: Live each day more in alignment. I love this quote: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mohandas k. Gandhi

That’s the goal, right?

The more promises we keep to ourselves, the more we take our goals/dreams/aspirations seriously. Without any follow through, we don’t even trust ourselves to wish.

There’s deep integrity in being impeccable with our word. Many of us would feel guilty for weeks to let someone down on a promise, but ourselves, ha! We hardly ever give ourselves the same courtesy/respect. Little do we know, we’re deepening the gap, and compounded over time, we can lose sight of what we even wanted in the first place (Believe me, I know. I’ve been there.)

Five: TEACH. To teach is to learn. Even if you’re not that far ahead, you can always bring people up with you: your kids, your family/friends, coworkers, etc. Be the change. Model that which you’d love to see spread in the world. Besides, there is no better way to feed the fire than circling back inspiration. You will always be better for it.

All that said, it takes much more than just information. We could read all we want about how to play the ukulele, but we won’t even begin to learn until we start plucking strings.

Such is life.

It’s all in the action. We must learn as we go. Look at parenting, ha! I could say the same thing for teaching: trial, error, error, trial. My master’s degree was a joke as opposed to being in the classroom.

Do the thing, even just the baby steps towards, that which scares you the most.

For today, that may be: Make the claim!

I leave you with this: Now’s as good a time as any, what will you accomplish this spring/year/life?


Much Love,