The Book

A two-year adventure that laid to rest 25 years of guilt when I stumbled upon passion, peace and morsels of wisdom while sitting still.

webpicPushing thirty, broke and broken, Kat Hurley fled to Hawaii to escape a trifecta of failure: her deteriorating relationship, her stale career, her moot five-year plan. Instead, she found herself drowning in the deluge of thoughts and memories that loneliness let in, dredging up haunts from her childhood, including the testimony that sentenced her father for her mother’s murder.

I Think I’ll Make It has been dubbed a hard core Eat, Pray, Love with lesbians and surfing. Even Liz Gilbert thought that was brilliant;)

Determined to start fresh, Kat finds solace in Hawaii’s stunning surf and devours stacks of spiritual books while careening down a path of deep healing and exploration. A rags to riches of the soul, Kat openly shares her demons and false starts, begrudgingly taking up a practice in meditation, which turns into a Battle of the Minds between her and her newly acquainted ego. Bravely honest, funny, and terribly inspirational, I think I’ll Make It reveals a woman wavering on the edge of sanity (and ten-foot breaks) and tumbling over the precipice to the only place she might be able to discover real forgiveness, peace, and hope.

Praise for I Think I’ll Make It:

“I breathlessly read it, cried and laughed and identified nearly to the bone. Kat is a gift. I’m not big into comparing notes or sharing war stories – scars are scars, and they heal – never completely I suppose, but in the context of seeing life through new eyes that allows us to love more deeply, see more clearly, laugh more considerably and say, as Thomas Merton said: how do you tell everyone that they are going around shining like the sun?

I suffered in some of the same ways Kat has. Not nearly as directly, but the actual facts are identical in some ways – and her witness helps sort it out and put it back softly and tenderly. And leave it as it lies. It never stays there. But it is safer now, because of her. Thank you. Shine on like the sun.”

“I laughed… I cried…I laughed again… this book is so honest and something everyone can relate to. Kat has a way with words that is so poetic and yet feels like she is speaking right to you wherever you are reading. It has for sure helped me feel REAL with my journey of gratitude and meditation. Something I will read again and again, because I didn’t want it to end! A MUST READ!”

“Lovely, poignant, true story of heartbreak and recovery. Kat’s book is a very well written account of the sorrow she experienced as a child, her vulnerability in her relationships and the courage and strength it took to overcome ridiculous odds. I highly recommend it as it serves as a wonderful inspiration for us all.”

“As a young child Kat Hurley suffered an unfathomable tragedy….the murder of her mother at the hands of her father. Your heart will break as she shares the loss and betrayal she experienced as a five year old girl. She tells her story, a journey from feeling broken to finding a sense of inner peace, with such honesty and humor that you will not be able to put the book down. This book will leave you with a true sense of hope; her story is a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit.”

“A hilarious account of taking stock of one’s life and conducting personal demon exorcisms, set against the gorgeous backdrop of Hawaii, “I Think I’ll Make It” will leave you feeling fit, refreshed, and cleansed.”

“With unabashed honesty, Ms. Hurley recants a true tale of triumph over tragedy, ironically imbued with humor. Her endeavors to understand and ultimately come to terms with life’s exigencies will deeply move all but the most-hardened readers. This book will inspire others with the power of hope and the human spirit.”

“Eloquently written with a continual comic relief that is so genuine and real, the issues, experiences and challenges Kat Hurley shares are so ridiculously relatable it’s impossible to not feel at the least, reflective at one’s own journey after reading this book. Having been born and raised in Hawaii, the accuracy on all of Kat’s references to local words, sayings and customs sealed the deal for me-damn you’re good Kat!! “I Think I’ll Make It” revealed something about me that I was truly surprised to discover; yes we’re all different and have individual experiences that make us who we are, but guess what? We’re all human and that common bond flows deep in all of us with shared emotions, fears, and triumphs–sounds simple, but “I Think I’ll Make It” gave me a reason to truly understand how to learn from others. So take it from a person who would on all occasions shy away from this genre of books–you’re going to want to read this one! Oh, and expect to catch yourself sneaking in a chapter or two at work. Just say’n.”

“Kat Hurley was thrust into the spotlight at a very young age in unimaginable circumstances and in reading her book I marvel at how she processed her experience, and was captivated by the journey she made and shares in this memoir. It’s a great read, spiritual and funny, warm and engrossing. An important book for this millennium, I can’t wait until my niece is old enough to read it, and will be giving it to several people I love.”

“Kat Hurley is like the Oscar Wilde of 2013, except she’s a badass Brooklynite with a little less ego. Its emotional, gritty, SIGNIFICANT, and proof that everyone has a journey, a purpose, a reason to make it. So if there is any book to carry as a friend through the dark months of fat pants and wet mucky winters, its this one. Promise, you won’t be disappointed!”

“Kat tells us a story that is sensitive and comes straight from the heart. Her own personal struggles and path to self awareness I could really relate to. I felt very close to her and could really relate to her story. I recommend this book highly to anyone who is walking their own path of self discovery and spiritual growth. Five Stars!”