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How to Drop the Bomb Elevator Pitch

I saved this post from Freelancers Union months ago because this is one of the hardest things to get down: simplifying what you do in 10 seconds.

“What do you do?” as you know, is one of the most common questions in any introduction.

And those of us who hate this question are likely those, me for many years, who either aren’t satisfied with their work, or don’t know how to effectively answer.

I had a terrible time, for instance, when I was shopping my book around to agents: “What’s it about?”

Trying to capture 98,000 words into one sentence seemed impossible, and it came out a jumbled mess every time until a friend finally said: It’s a hard core Eat, Pray, Love with lesbians and surfing. Brilliant! I asked for permission to steal and ran away with it.

And sometimes that’s the best way to work your pitch: get help! Often we are too close to the thing to see it clearly.

For nearly three years, Elisa jumped in every time someone asked me what I did in her company. It pained her to hear me say, “Well, I’m a motivational speaker, writer, a coach, a personal trainer.”

She’d interrupt, “She’s a kickass bullshit detector who changes lives through her transformative message!!”

I can’t take her anywhere;)

Seriously though, which answer do you think garnered more responses?

We’re taught when we’re young not to brag, not to stand out, not to …

But it’s NOT obnoxious to say who you impact and how they are changed. In fact, we are more likely to serve more people when we are clear in our purpose and can express it best to others.

This is an evolution. Personally, I am constantly tweaking.

Just remember: authenticity, authenticity, authenticity, oh yeah, and be interesting. No intrigue, no follow up.

No one wants the resume. They want to feel the impact immediately of your passion through the description of your work.

If you’re not inspired, no one else will be. I say this from experience. And not for lack of inspiration, mind you, just the unfortunate circumstance of not knowing how to communicate it.

Get it on paper and practice it until it flows naturally.

My latest: I’m an inspirational gamechanger who teaches my audiences how to rise above fear, follow their passion, and live the life they’ve imagined.

I leave you with this: What’s your pitch? Practice on us! Let ‘er rip!!


Much Love,